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Wildlands’ “Ouch Ointment” – Homemade Salve for burns, cuts, and scrapes

For Christmas gifts this year, I made a suite of homemade body products. I'll be blogging about some of them in the near future, but the one I'd love to share first is my homemade "ouch ointment." I researched recipes... Continue Reading →

Latest Wildlands Rehab Project

A few years ago a friend gifted me this lovely old dresser. His wife had stripped it of its many layers of paint, but then had lost interest in the project. It had all of its original steel casters and... Continue Reading →

EASY DIY solar dehydrator

Last night, I harvested the 'tamed' wild grapes from the front fence and netted over 10 gallons of grapes. I noticed some grapes had dried on the vine. I tasted a few and was happily surprised to find they have... Continue Reading →

Outta My Trunkin’ Mind

Around my birthday, I purchased three old trunks off Craigslist for $45.00 a piece. I'm going to store camping supplies (in the garage) and linens (under my bed) in them. So, that's reasonable and pretty cool, right? Not in the... Continue Reading →

Knit Night Turkey Empanadas

So, I was going to make a large jack-o-lantern empanada for the Halloween party last weekend, but time got away from me. As I had all the ingredients, I made empanadas for knit night. They were a hit and perfect... Continue Reading →

Sully – Wildlands’ new addition

I've been meaning to blog about Wildlands' newest addition, little Sullivan. Neal found him and his litter mates back at the end of May and I brought home the solid gray powder puff on the first of June. He's growing... Continue Reading →

Chicken Corn Chowder Pot Pies

Webster's online dictionary defines chowder as: chow·der CHoudər/ noun: chowder; plural noun: chowders A thick soup containing fish or shellfish, especially clams, and vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, in a milk or tomato base. ___________________ With winter on the... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Tomorrow is the first summer BBQ hosted by dear friends with whom I spend most holidays and share big life (and little too for that matter) events and adventures. I affectionately call these folks 'the Donner Party' as they live... Continue Reading →

Yes, “that’s all” I did today

This is part vent and part 'hey, look what I did today' post. Not sure why other people's comments sometimes bother me more than others. That's the vent part of the post. It's been a long few days for me;... Continue Reading →

Kitchen update

It's been another month since I updated and I can say, the punchlist is long but progress has been great. I am hoping to have the major items on the list completed by Tuesday evening. Left outstanding will be a few... Continue Reading →

Changes on the Way

One of the nice things about being off work for a short spell, I've had time to get organized. It's amazing how disorganized one can become when they work 60 plus hours a week for a decade. One loses, repurchases,... Continue Reading →

Outwitting and Outfitting an Injured Labrador

When I let Sky out to go to the bathroom Thursday night, she lost her balance on the front stairs and wiped out. Just seconds before, I'd noticed she was limping slightly. Resettled inside, I noticed a few spots of... Continue Reading →

Little updates to the homestead

I live in a 1923 bungalow. I love my old house, but it is old. As such, I always find something to do around the place. For the last year, a few things have been bothering me. These things didn't... Continue Reading →

Knitting up a storm

Since the second week of December, I've knitted six hats and one pair of wrist warmers. Prior to this flurry, I'd not knitted for a year. I guess that really sums up how wonky 2012 was for me. I was... Continue Reading →

Siddhartha Frankenstein Dog

I'm writing this post retrospectively and therefore, have months of goodness between that day in late June 2012 and now (December 2012). In the third week of June, I came home from work to find a sizable pool of blood... Continue Reading →

Wildlands Backyard — 2004 & 2012

In October 2002, I received the keys to a little bungalow in downtown Sacramento. That moment was pure magic. The gardens were a bit wild, and so,  the little piece of land quickly earned its name, Wildlands. When I first saw the backyard with... Continue Reading →

Non-Shellfish Ceviche (Wednesday night dinner)

Life has been a bit more mayhem and madness recently; I haven't been able to put words to blog. I hope I'll get a few more posts up here soon. Thanks for being patient! Last night, Neal came over for... Continue Reading →

Thai chicken soup with sticky rice a la game night with Neal

As is our routine, Neal came over to Wildlands to hang out and make dinner. Tonight's menu was Thai green curry chicken soup with sticky rice. Neal brought over high gluten rice and once it was steaming (about 1.5 cups... Continue Reading →

The Jackson Scarf

A loved one of mine flew back to Boston in early December to see his father who'd been hospitalized after a heart attack. The trip's been extended for a over a month now and I suspect he didn't snag a warm scarf... Continue Reading →

Punchy Times

It's been a crazy few weeks around Wildlands. Ah, the Holidays! I busied myself by filling bake shop orders, doing some holiday baking for friends, and lastly, making several tin can luminary collections. Spending evenings punching holes in tin cans... Continue Reading →

Bottles, Bottles Everywhere & Not a Drop to Drink (Funston Expedition Part II)

Two weeks ago, I published a post about some backyard archaeology at my friend Neal's house. That post can be read here. Due to the Memorial Day holiday, extended rain events here in CA, and busy schedules, we were unable... Continue Reading →

Wednesday night’s braised pork soft tacos

Well folks, another successful game night during which no games were played, but a lovely Mexican dinner was made. We drank a few beers, lit a backyard fire, and enjoyed this lovely May evening. We'll get back to game night... Continue Reading →

Meat lasagna with herbs from the garden

It's a lovely spring afternoon here at Wildlands. I spent the morning doing grocery shopping with friends, picked up my CSA pork order, and after cleaning up the kitchen, I went to work on a batch of lasagna. Friends of... Continue Reading →

I’d have it no other whey…cheese making with friends

I've been wanting to learn how to make cheese for a while now, but let's face it---I have a lot of hobbies.  Did I need another one? hmmm---may be. I love making food items from scratch; it's important to me. I am oddly comforted... Continue Reading →

Ma, It’s Late and We Should Be Sleeping…

Okay, I don't often blog outright about Wildlands' furry beasts, but tonight each of them were so looking so wicked cute, I had to share. "Why aren't you sleeping, girl?" I'm not a cat person. But since Sweetpea adopted me 8 1/2 years... Continue Reading →

Wildlands’ Breakfast for Dinner (while I dream of camping)

Some of the best meals I've made were beside and over a camp fire near the crashing surf, after a stunning desert sunrise, under tall trees or big skies that go on forever.  Seriously, over a campfire, I'm at least a four star cook. Shrug. I... Continue Reading →

Ench-glad you came over for dinner? (making enchiladas with friends)

Wednesday night at Wildlands is game night. Over the holidays, I purchased an XBox and kinect and for a few months now, I've hosted a potluck meal and we play. Some weeks, it's a small group and other weeks, the living... Continue Reading →

Orange You Glad You Live in California?

Knock knock. Earlier this week, a friend ordered four jars of lemon and 8 jars of orange curd and 1 1/2 dozen pumpkin scones. She's putting together holiday baskets for her neighbors. Tonight, after getting truffle makings together, I turned my attention to the citrus. Nearly... Continue Reading →

Ginger Carrot Cake

As most of you are aware, when it's your birthday and you're local, and you're so inclined, I make you a cake.  Thursday was MM's birthday (shown here with his awesome dog, Carp). To me, MM personifies old-school Sacramento. He's... Continue Reading →

No, it isn’t a sign of the Apocalypse, I just felt like making dinner

As most of you around IAWSKP know, I'm a baker, not really a true food maker. I can cook, but flying solo, the urge rarely strikes. Yet, as the seasons change, I'm usually more inspired to fish out a recipe... Continue Reading →

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