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Small Space Gardening – Success

I've been the care taker of this little property in Curtis Park for almost 12 years. It's an old house and I'm still attempting to figure it all out - how to manage owning an old house, prioritizing what the... Continue Reading →

Gift Idea: Plant a Garden (Updated w/pics)

Over Memorial Day weekend, I planted a garden for two friends. They'd helped me with Sky's surgeries and Bee'd just celebrated her 50th birthday in April. With a five-year old, they don't have a lot of free time. I'd asked Bee during... Continue Reading →

Wildlands’ “Ouch Ointment” – Homemade Salve for burns, cuts, and scrapes

For Christmas gifts this year, I made a suite of homemade body products. I'll be blogging about some of them in the near future, but the one I'd love to share first is my homemade "ouch ointment." I researched recipes... Continue Reading →

Latest Wildlands Rehab Project

A few years ago a friend gifted me this lovely old dresser. His wife had stripped it of its many layers of paint, but then had lost interest in the project. It had all of its original steel casters and... Continue Reading →

EASY DIY solar dehydrator

Last night, I harvested the 'tamed' wild grapes from the front fence and netted over 10 gallons of grapes. I noticed some grapes had dried on the vine. I tasted a few and was happily surprised to find they have... Continue Reading →

Outta My Trunkin’ Mind

Around my birthday, I purchased three old trunks off Craigslist for $45.00 a piece. I'm going to store camping supplies (in the garage) and linens (under my bed) in them. So, that's reasonable and pretty cool, right? Not in the... Continue Reading →

Wildlands’ Kitchen Remodel ($6,000 budget)

It occurred to me tonight that I never got around to posting the final pics of the kitchen. I still have some painting to do and some art to hang, but it's 99.9% done. I couldn't have done the work... Continue Reading →

Kitchen update

It's been another month since I updated and I can say, the punchlist is long but progress has been great. I am hoping to have the major items on the list completed by Tuesday evening. Left outstanding will be a few... Continue Reading →

My, What Pretty Chrome You Have

As it's been a month, I thought I'd provide you all with an update on the kitchen mini-renovation. It's been a very productive month, though my progress has been hampered by a few injuries, a nasty chest cold, and slow... Continue Reading →

Changes on the Way

One of the nice things about being off work for a short spell, I've had time to get organized. It's amazing how disorganized one can become when they work 60 plus hours a week for a decade. One loses, repurchases,... Continue Reading →

Little updates to the homestead

I live in a 1923 bungalow. I love my old house, but it is old. As such, I always find something to do around the place. For the last year, a few things have been bothering me. These things didn't... Continue Reading →

Wildlands Backyard — 2004 & 2012

In October 2002, I received the keys to a little bungalow in downtown Sacramento. That moment was pure magic. The gardens were a bit wild, and so,  the little piece of land quickly earned its name, Wildlands. When I first saw the backyard with... Continue Reading →

Punchy Times

It's been a crazy few weeks around Wildlands. Ah, the Holidays! I busied myself by filling bake shop orders, doing some holiday baking for friends, and lastly, making several tin can luminary collections. Spending evenings punching holes in tin cans... Continue Reading →

Reusable, Recyclable, and Charming Twinkly Lights (on a Budget)

Many years ago, I spent my first Christmas out of college in Philadelphia. I lived with my sister in Center City on the corner of Walnut and 22nd on the sixth floor in a tiny apartment. I didn't have a lot... Continue Reading →

Record Refinish on a Sunday Afternoon

Last Saturday, H and I headed to Reno to hit the thrift stores searching for a mid-century credenza to put in the media room. On the way home, we stopped to dip our toes in the Truckee river and Donner lake. While no... Continue Reading →

Wildlands’ Pantry Construction and Chalkboard Creation

Nearly a month ago, I blogged about the laundry area's necessary deconstruction. Until last weekend, I struggled to live with Wildlands in chaos. It wasn't just the laundry space--- the diningroom became storage, the kitchen nook had stacks of dry goods upon... Continue Reading →

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