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Changes on the Way

One of the nice things about being off work for a short spell, I've had time to get organized. It's amazing how disorganized one can become when they work 60 plus hours a week for a decade. One loses, repurchases,... Continue Reading →

Outwitting and Outfitting an Injured Labrador

When I let Sky out to go to the bathroom Thursday night, she lost her balance on the front stairs and wiped out. Just seconds before, I'd noticed she was limping slightly. Resettled inside, I noticed a few spots of... Continue Reading →

Southwest Roast Chicken with cilantro and chili rub

Okay, folks, let me remind you, I'm a much better baker than I am a cook. However, with some free time on my hands, I'm working to change that. I'm not a terrible cook, I just need good, simple recipes,... Continue Reading →

Little updates to the homestead

I live in a 1923 bungalow. I love my old house, but it is old. As such, I always find something to do around the place. For the last year, a few things have been bothering me. These things didn't... Continue Reading →

Knitting up a storm

Since the second week of December, I've knitted six hats and one pair of wrist warmers. Prior to this flurry, I'd not knitted for a year. I guess that really sums up how wonky 2012 was for me. I was... Continue Reading →

Holiday festive-making at Wildlands

If 2012 was a roller coaster, it went out with a flurry of activity and a few bumpy spots. However, let's focus on the merry-making aspects. For the annual tree-trimming party, Sarah and I made a batch of homemade eggnog... Continue Reading →

Siddhartha Frankenstein Dog

I'm writing this post retrospectively and therefore, have months of goodness between that day in late June 2012 and now (December 2012). In the third week of June, I came home from work to find a sizable pool of blood... Continue Reading →

Wildlands’ Fruitcake Recipe

To fulfill a long-time follower's request, here is Wildlands' Fruitcake recipe. In the years I have the extra time, I make the fruitcake in August or early September and let them age (drizzling them with cognac or brandy every week)... Continue Reading →

Candied Citrus Peel Recipe

This recipe makes approximately 4 cups of candied citrus. If you're making fruitcake, you'll have some left over to munch on or give away to friends. I've heard from friends that this candied citrus when tossed into salads. You can mix... Continue Reading →

Wildlands Backyard — 2004 & 2012

In October 2002, I received the keys to a little bungalow in downtown Sacramento. That moment was pure magic. The gardens were a bit wild, and so,  the little piece of land quickly earned its name, Wildlands. When I first saw the backyard with... Continue Reading →

Non-Shellfish Ceviche (Wednesday night dinner)

Life has been a bit more mayhem and madness recently; I haven't been able to put words to blog. I hope I'll get a few more posts up here soon. Thanks for being patient! Last night, Neal came over for... Continue Reading →

Thai chicken soup with sticky rice a la game night with Neal

As is our routine, Neal came over to Wildlands to hang out and make dinner. Tonight's menu was Thai green curry chicken soup with sticky rice. Neal brought over high gluten rice and once it was steaming (about 1.5 cups... Continue Reading →

The Jackson Scarf

A loved one of mine flew back to Boston in early December to see his father who'd been hospitalized after a heart attack. The trip's been extended for a over a month now and I suspect he didn't snag a warm scarf... Continue Reading →

Punchy Times

It's been a crazy few weeks around Wildlands. Ah, the Holidays! I busied myself by filling bake shop orders, doing some holiday baking for friends, and lastly, making several tin can luminary collections. Spending evenings punching holes in tin cans... Continue Reading →

Reusable, Recyclable, and Charming Twinkly Lights (on a Budget)

Many years ago, I spent my first Christmas out of college in Philadelphia. I lived with my sister in Center City on the corner of Walnut and 22nd on the sixth floor in a tiny apartment. I didn't have a lot... Continue Reading →

Lemme Tell Ya Folks, Goldilocks Has Nothin’ on Me…

A few years ago, my beloved oak bed broke. One of the rails split well beyond repair and even my most talented carpenter-minded friends sadly shook their heads and told me to let it go. I was heartbroken. I loved... Continue Reading →

Breakthrough on the Funston Expedition (Part V) – updated

We had a major breakthrough (literally) this evening! Not only were we wicked productive, but the weather could not have been more perfect. As usual, we got to the nitty-gritty as dusk came on and we found ourselves fumbling a... Continue Reading →

Funston Expedition Part III and IV

When we last left you, we'd found a cache of bottles outside the honey-domed structure. To read that post, click here . Tonight's blog takes the form of a photo essay with a bit of narrative here and there. The... Continue Reading →

Record Refinish on a Sunday Afternoon

Last Saturday, H and I headed to Reno to hit the thrift stores searching for a mid-century credenza to put in the media room. On the way home, we stopped to dip our toes in the Truckee river and Donner lake. While no... Continue Reading →

Baked Wontons

Invited to a pot luck tonight for a friend's birthday and I was off the hook for making a cake. Woah, what?! I know! So, what to make? I thought about it all day---I'm a baker, not a cook. As such, I... Continue Reading →

Bottles, Bottles Everywhere & Not a Drop to Drink (Funston Expedition Part II)

Two weeks ago, I published a post about some backyard archaeology at my friend Neal's house. That post can be read here. Due to the Memorial Day holiday, extended rain events here in CA, and busy schedules, we were unable... Continue Reading →

The Funston Expedition (backyard archaeology)

Readers, meet Neal. Neal's a good friend who lives a few blocks away in an early-mid 1920s high water bungalow. Last Saturday (May 21, 2011) Neal uncovered a subterranean structure's opening while digging a hole to plant his avocado tree. We live in an older neighborhood with... Continue Reading →

A pair of boots, a big sky day, & everything I’d want to tell her…

Let me open by saying, life's pretty darn good. I'm sipping a Lost Abbey Inferno ale outback by the fire, listening to old favorites, and enjoying a few hours to myself after a week of  friends coming n' going through Wildlands... Continue Reading →

Wednesday night’s braised pork soft tacos

Well folks, another successful game night during which no games were played, but a lovely Mexican dinner was made. We drank a few beers, lit a backyard fire, and enjoyed this lovely May evening. We'll get back to game night... Continue Reading →

Let history never repeat itself (May 4, 1970)

On May 4, 1970 four students were killed on Kent State University's campus during a war protest. This event continues to bring people together, inspire activism, and remind us all, war has no real winners. My grandfather was police chief... Continue Reading →

Meat lasagna with herbs from the garden

It's a lovely spring afternoon here at Wildlands. I spent the morning doing grocery shopping with friends, picked up my CSA pork order, and after cleaning up the kitchen, I went to work on a batch of lasagna. Friends of... Continue Reading →

I’d have it no other whey…cheese making with friends

I've been wanting to learn how to make cheese for a while now, but let's face it---I have a lot of hobbies.  Did I need another one? hmmm---may be. I love making food items from scratch; it's important to me. I am oddly comforted... Continue Reading →

Ma, It’s Late and We Should Be Sleeping…

Okay, I don't often blog outright about Wildlands' furry beasts, but tonight each of them were so looking so wicked cute, I had to share. "Why aren't you sleeping, girl?" I'm not a cat person. But since Sweetpea adopted me 8 1/2 years... Continue Reading →

Wildlands’ Breakfast for Dinner (while I dream of camping)

Some of the best meals I've made were beside and over a camp fire near the crashing surf, after a stunning desert sunrise, under tall trees or big skies that go on forever.  Seriously, over a campfire, I'm at least a four star cook. Shrug. I... Continue Reading →

Ench-glad you came over for dinner? (making enchiladas with friends)

Wednesday night at Wildlands is game night. Over the holidays, I purchased an XBox and kinect and for a few months now, I've hosted a potluck meal and we play. Some weeks, it's a small group and other weeks, the living... Continue Reading →

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