This page is dedicated to my finished (or nearly finished) objects…. I generally don’t post information or pictures on the skull caps I seem to make nearly every other week. Someone randomly sees them, wants one, or loses one I’d knitted them. So, there’s always one on the Addi’s at all times. I’m still messing with Aran designs on those and I seem to have gotten a few patterns incorporated that I like and the wearer also likes. I prefer to knit using alpaca or old-school wool. I refuse to knit using acrylic unless it is for my friend Rita, who is allergic to wool….

I began knitting (in earnest) after a six week knitting course in January 2006. I must admit, my knitting instructors were rather un-inspiring and I felt a serious lack of encouragement. The course was held at a local (also read, only) Midtown yarn shoppe whose staff is not always as warm and fuzzy as the yarn they sell. There are three exceptions to this—you’d know the nice ones—they aren’t the ones rolling their eyes and pursing their lips. Yet, I do thank the instructors–their unique teaching style provided strong motivation to learn stitches beyond the norm.

I taught myself how to make fisherman stitches and designs.  First I made a simple “tree-root” scarf from Interweave Press’ Scarf book. With that done, I looked at older fisherman patterns and began to learn cabling and cross stitches. I now provide knitting lessons for friends and strangers alike— I find it rewarding. There’s nothing mystical about the knit stitches, but the joy that comes from watching someone learn— i find it inspiring and rejuvenating.

The second item I made was a sweater (February 2006) for my favorite kiddo. I found this vintage pattern online here for a child’s fisherman pullover and worked out the instructions by a series of trial and error. Shockingly, it was not that difficult. Actually, it wasn’t that time consuming either. Maybe six weeks?

I’m quite proud of the finished product. The pullover features the tree of life traditional fisherman design. Made with Brown Sheep’s Lamb Pride BlueBlood Red wool/mohair blended yarn.  The sweater now resides in Philadelphia with my friend Carrie’s son, Kamal. And I must say, the first time he put it on, Carrie and I were overwhelmed and giggled. It looked so good on him. Of course, he is a beautiful child, so he deserves at least half the credit… It’s easier to make things when you have great inspiration…

bills-scarf.JPGDecember 2006. Stiches’ scarf made with two-strand alpaca fingering weight yarn. This is my own design, featuring tree of life, simple cables, and chain links. December 2006. This is a thin scarf but  super warm and incredibly soft! It turned out beautifully. If interested in the pattern, email me at the address listed on the Wildlands’ page.

Red Scarf Project scarf, January 2007. Information regarding the RSP can be found here. I designed this simple cable scarf and used Paton merino wool. I love how it turned out. Shipped it out just before the end of January. Definitely a knit for charity project that I will do year after year.

I have also begun participating in Knit Your Bit. I’ve knitted several scarves/hats for veterans in VA hospitals. I encourage everyone to participate— a knitted item can warm a veteran’s heart and let’s face it, they deserve all the warm fuzzies we can give them, right?

carries-bag_nearly-done-3.JPGFebruary 2007. Carrie’s felted bag– she picked out the pattern and the colours and then, I messed with the design a bit. I used Paton’s wool (hint: purchase at Michael’s when it is onsale!) and absolutely love the way it felts up! Now resides in Philadelphia with Carrie, who has put it to great use!

May 2007. My uncle’s finished fisherman sweater! I love how this turned out and I’ve just started designing another one. Knit using Bartlett Maine Wool. See Uncle Andy’s aran pullover post.

November 2007. Einah’s finished fisherman sweater. I finished the neck while I was in Philly right before Thanksgiving (her birthday this year). See Einah’s finished aran pullover blog post for more information.

December 2007
Mama’s felted tote—completed a few days before Christmas. Quite similar to Carrie’s felted back (2006). Knited on circulars using Paton’s red, grey, and black wool. I did a bit of tweaking to the original pattern (shortened the height of the bag by 3 inches and changed a few design patterns here and there). She was quite thrilled with it. I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures prior to Mom’s return to Ohio. Thank you Allyson for taking these!!

December 2007

The “Christina” pouch— approximately 4 x 6″ in diameter knit with Paton’s wool. Lovely little pouch and quite easy to make— less than a few hours to knit up. The full post can be seen Here

Ok, a few have asked for pics of the skullcaps. Here is an example…my friend Laura looking saucy in an alpaca skull cap…

PS: Not a word from any of you regarding the Stitch stuff animal, k? It is voice-activated and says mildly rude things that make me laugh. Disney is bad, yeah, I know, but unintentionally wicked funny—sometimes. Thanks.

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