Just wanted to share the news – our photo of Sully and Sky has raised $1,053 dollars for the City of Sacramento’s Front Street animal shelter. Voting closes July 31st and each vote is a dollar. You can vote as often as you’d like and ballot box ‘stuffing’ is encouraged.

We’re currently in the lead and that means at least an additional $200 dollars in prize money to be donated back to the shelter for winning our category. If we win overall, it will be an additional $500 dollars of prize money that I’ll donate.

sully bow tieWhen I began fundraising, I hoped for $100 dollars, then $500 and then stretched that hope to $1,000. I can’t believe we made it with 10 days to spare! I’m promoting a few of my friends’ who could use some votes. Our buddy Miles is currently in 4th place, but he could totally win his category of “Awww cute.” And the stick carrier extraordinaire, Lulu, is currently in 1st place in the “working dogs” category. If Lulu’s picture wins, her owner is going to donate the money back to Front Street too! These two pitties, whose photo caption reads, “Together we make a family” are currently in 2nd place in the “Aww cute” catgory and their image melts my heart.

I promised on Facebook that if we raised $1,000 dollars, I’d post a picture of Sully wearing a bow tie, so here it is. I’m planning another photo shoot when the contest closes of him and Sky together. Tonight’s photo is a bit blurry, but we’re making progress. The first time Sully wore it, he thrashed around like a fish out of water. 🙂

So, thank you to friends and family for spreading the word, getting the vote out, and helping me support the Front Street animal shelter! $1000 dollars – I’m truly stunned by everyone’s generosity. THANK YOU!