I’m raising money for the City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter. The shelter has organized a photo contest; the winners receive prize money for best category ($200) and overall winner ($500). I entered this photo of Sully and Sky in the “best friends” category. Each vote is a dollar and you can vote as many times as you’d like (ballot box ‘stuffing’ is encouraged)!

Sully and Sky

I’m not asking you for a financial contribution (though, I would be grateful if you were able), but rather, if/where possible, please share this link on social media by posting the link. The link goes to the voting page for this photo. Voting ends July 31st.

I want to raise as much money as possible for Front Street through this fundraiser. If my photo wins either category or overall, I’m donating the prize money back to Front Street. You do NOT have to vote for Sully and Sky’s picture, but rather, there are many great photos and you may like another one more!! As of July 6, nearly $4,000 has been raised for the shelter. This photo has received 445 votes. It’s my goal to $1,000 dollars plus the additional prize money donation.

Why help me support Front Street animal shelter?

When I adopted Siddhartha from there twelve years ago, it was a notorious high-kill shelter. The fact that Siddhartha (who was sick and injured) wasn’t put to sleep after the five-day hold was a fluke. The kennels were crowded, incredibly noisy, and it was a terribly depressing place to be. I wasn’t looking for a dog; I was volunteering at the shelter to take photos of the dogs for their adoption website. I couldn’t have a dog – I was TOO BUSY to have a dog. And then… I saw him. When I inquired about him at the front desk, I was told  he would be put to sleep Monday morning (it was a Saturday afternoon and the shelter was closed the next day). I went and visited him three times that afternoon. I couldn’t leave him there.

siddy bedSiddhartha’s sweet, soulful stare tamed this nomad, forever changing ME. He has enriched my life and made me a better human. I love my pack, but the patriarch is Siddhartha. If I had not adopted him, would I still be wandering around California and the southwest? Most likely. Can one animal actually change a person’s life? Yes. He grounded me, providing a purpose greater than myself.  He is responsible for introducing me to many of the people who are now beloved friends. He quite literally he helped me locate the folks who have become MY tribe.

In the last few years years, I’ve watched Front Street animal shelter transform into a high-adoption shelter. The changes are the result of an amazing shelter manager, community support, dedicated volunteers, and outreach and coordination with rescue groups in northern California.

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THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for sharing the link and getting the word out – and for any contribution you be able to make. EVERY bit helps!! xo from Wildlands (Jenn, Siddhartha, Pea, Sky and Sully).