Little Sully_sleep

I’ve been meaning to blog about Wildlands’ newest addition, little Sullivan. Neal found him and his litter mates back at the end of May and I brought home the solid gray powder puff on the first of June. He’s growing like a weed and becomes more and more handsome by the week. If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you’ll know I love Sweetpea (16 1/2 yr old tabby) but otherwise, I’m not really a fan of cats. Why? I firmly believe, if they were larger, they’d eat us. However, I saw this little guy and my heart melted. Folks weren’t ooing and awwwing over him like his litter mates. He has no markings; he’s charchoal grey and even his nose and whiskers are a dark shade of grey. The pads of his feet are pink, but you’d never know that given he’s not the best about bathing those.

Summing up Sully

siddy bedSiddhartha was terribly sick from the end of May until mid-August and had surgery in early July. For weeks, we were at the vets every day or every other day. Several times, I feared it was time to put him to sleep. He remarkably bounced back and is pretty much back to his old self, eating dirt and humping Sky at the park, stopping to socialize with all his favorite humans. Siddy doesn’t give Sully much thought. I’m sure he’s quite glad that there’s another male in the house, but otherwise, Sully doesn’t hit his radar. I do often find Sully curled up with Siddy, a sign of male solidarity. Ha.


Sully’s biggest fan in the household (besides me, of course) is Sky. She LOVES this kitten and has taken to carrying him around in mouth. When I can’t find him, fearing he’s escaped outside (which he’s done twice), I tell Sky to ‘go find Sully,’ and pretty soon I hear his little mews as Sky brings him to me, in her mouth. It’s quite heartwarming to watch a 114lb black lab play with a kitten. From day one, she’s taken great care to be gentle. While he’s now about 3.5 lbs, Sully came to us weighing just under a pound. Sky is very protective of him and for the few weeks, would check out anyone coming into the house, putting herself between them and Sully – just checking that they wouldn’t hurt her little rabbit.

002A few Sully fun facts:

1. He’s a TALKER. When he first wakes up, he has the cutest little mew that increases to a bellow until he finds me. He also bellows when he uses his litter box.

2. He is a collector – knitting needles, yarn, bottle caps, dog toys, cat toys, t-shirts, screws and nails, and lighters. I found his stash the other day and he pawed and bellowed as I removed the items. He’s spent much of his time since starting a new stash.

3. He spends so much time in water, you’d think he WAS a lab. He’s fallen into the kitchen sink several times (into pots I’d left soaking), the toilet, and two long drops from the fabric shower curtain into full tubs of water.

When he was very little, Sully would curl up and fall asleep on my knitting. I think he did this because he wasn’t sure I’d come back FOR him, but learned pretty quickly that I always come back for my knitting. My heart always melts a bit when I find him sleeping on my knitting. HOWEVER, if he absconds with and destroys ONE MORE skein of yarn, I may tie him down with the scraps of lovely silk and merino yarn, spritz him with chicken stock, and let Sky lick him until he mews “uncle!”



Yeah. He’s pretty cute.


Pea isn’t as… pleased with the new addition as I and Sky are. In fact, I’d never heard her hiss or growl as she has since he arrived. In her defense, he can be a total punk, pouncing on her whilst she’s using the litter box.

Yes, he’s a real charmer. Poor Pea.

One day, I hope my household returns to its peacefulness, but you know, until then, it’s gonna be a wild ride…

His nicknames are ‘bat’ (I really hope one day he grows into those ears!), ‘little rabbit’ (Sky’s nickname is ‘rabbit’), and ‘the little monster.’


004And lemme tell ya folks, since he discovered catnip, he’s even MORE of a riot.

This was Sully on Monday, getting his catnip on.