I think she likes it
I think she likes it

A dear friend turned 40 back in July. When I think of her, I cannot help but smile and get a little mushy. She is sunshine, laughter, warmth, kindness, and love wrapped up in the tiniest of packages. She also is a road-tripper, camper, a mom, and a very stylish lady.Pretty quickly, I figured out I wanted to design and knit a sweater for her. As we live in California, I knew my standard go-to for Aran knitting (Bartlett yarn) wasn’t a good fit. She does head up into snow country and loves weekends on the coast, so I knew a wool was most appropriate. I turned to my favorite fall back, Knit Picks, selecting Wool of the Andes worsted weight in Calypso Heather. Given the worsted weight, she can wear the sweater as an outer garmet but it’s not too bulky that she couldn’t wear it under a coat.

Gee, I love this yarn. It’s the second sweater I’ve knitted with it and it’s good stuff – not too thick, not too bulky, and not too scratchy. In fact, it feels pretty soft. It also comes in an amazing array of colours including a heathers. Oh, and the price? It makes knitting sweaters affordable!

The little dude misses his sleeping spot, but sure he’ll find new ones.

About a month before her birthday, Sullivan joined my household. For the last 2.5 months, he’s been sleeping on her sweater’s parts and pieces. Now that it’s done, I’m sure he’ll find another one of my knitting projects to sleep on, but he’s not so sure. Last night, I hung the finished sweater on the back of my closet door. This morning, I found him mewing and pawing at the door, wanting to get the sweater. My friend does have cats and a dog, so I wasn’t as concerned about Sully sleeping on it. However, I’ll be sending it to the dry cleaners prior to giving it to her.

So excited to give this to her!

I’ve written up the pattern instructions for the Skito Sweater in sizes S-XL and it is for sale on Etsy. The cost for this sweater was approximately $48.00 (using yarn from Knit Picks) and with rather sporatic knitting efforts, it was finished in just over 2 months.