This is part vent and part ‘hey, look what I did today’ post. Not sure why other people’s comments sometimes bother me more than others. That’s the vent part of the post. It’s been a long few days for me; not feeling like myself. I’ve been feeling a little down, also not sure why. I spent yesterday with good friends at two different Easter gatherings and it was good to see them. I’ve been so consumed with the kitchen remodel, haven’t been very social–aside from the park. We’re there, rain or shine every day. Otherwise, little miss Sky drives us all bonkers.

Kitchen 2_4.1.13There’s a woman at the park who frequently chats me up and since she found out I’ve been doing a kitchen remodel, she asks me about it. She often comments that she doesn’t understand why it’s taking so long (errr…) and when I tell her what I did that day, she says (almost every time, without fail), “that’s all?” Yup, that’s ALL.

This is what I did today. I spent 10 hours squaring up the shallow cabinet, cutting new shelves, shelf pegs, and figuring out how to make notches on the underside of the shelves (so the shelves will rest on the pegs securely). More time than I’d like to admit was spent working on a top cap. The cabinet needed a top cap, but I also wanted to hang my grandfather’s photo higher on the wall. I think it looks really good and well, honestly, that’s all that matters. HA.

I’m doing what the previous owners did and surely, my careful placement of shelves will drive future owners batty as well. However, unlike the person who original built the cabinet, I’m not going to use glue and obscenely long nails to secure every shelf.

Often, when I do DIY projects, I use my grandfather’s level and ancient drill. I hope through osmosis, the tools will guide me to do a better job. Using his tools today, I felt soothed. Having his photo (leading the Kent Memorial Day parade) back on the wall, makes it MY kitchen. I’ve missed seeing it every day. I had a moment of panic this morning when I couldn’t locate it; I found it stashed beside the Gibson. I’m sure at the time, it made sense to stash it there… shrug.

front garden 3.30.13Yesterday, I spent sometime in the front garden taking advantage of the recent rains to do some weeding. Somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, Spring came to Wildlands. Everything from the pear and peach trees to the star jasmine over the arbor, to nearly all the sages and salvias are in full bloom—and it looks beautiful. Still a bit wild, but beautiful nonetheless.

I’m proud of the remodel—regardless of how long it’s taken. As I’ve got a cattle dog personality, once it’s done, I’ve got a dozen other things to do around the house. I’m smiling now—I’m going to love telling the lady at the park that it’s going to take me at least a week or more to get the art studio organized. HA.