One of the nice things about being off work for a short spell, I’ve had time to get organized. It’s amazing how disorganized one can become when they work 60 plus hours a week for a decade. One loses, repurchases, and loses a repurchased item multiple times. Wine openers and first aid kits come to mind. I find Christmas tree star toppers in the bedside cabinet and socks in the cabinet above the toilet. It’s comical. It’s sad. And owning a small bungalow that was short on storage space the day I bought it, this sort of disorganization is not helpful. At all.  

Friends ask what I’ve been up to and when I say knitting, cooking, and organizing, they look at me as though I’ve gone nuts or as though they should pity me a bit. This makes me laugh. People, you have no idea how much of an organizational freak I am. I have a few areas left to wrap up (dresser and bedroom closet) and then I’m turning my attention to the garage.

THAT won’t be a complete re-organization, I’m just hunting for a few tools and such. Why? Ah, well, I have a plan to give the kitchen a mini-renovation. It’s been on my mind for a few years and while I can’t do the full-blown renovation I was hoping for, I can give it a major facelift with minimal funds. I’ve given this a great deal of thought, selected materials, and purchased a few already. You can see my Pinterest idea board to see what I’m envisioning.

I will wait to choose the secondary paint color in the kitchen until I’ve chosen the counter. I’m still out pricing my preferred options.

Here are the pre-facelift pictures. They speak volumes—dark in the daytime, upper cabinets too low, outdated lower cabinets, generations of add-ons, clean but ever-dirty-looking counters, and of course, a room in bad need of a good paint job.

From living room (north side)
From the living room (south side)
From dining room
From dining room

Last fall, I bought an 8 foot long x 34 inch tall x 2o inch deep cabinet from MM. I placed it in the dining room and it looks like it was always here at Wildlands. The amount of storage it provides is incredible.

Dining room cabinet
Dining room cabinet

Well, here’s the list of things to get done in the next few weeks. None of these items will prevent me from doing a more extensive remodel in a few years. For now, the floor will remain…

1. Remove shelf above the stove and hallway door & repair the wall (some holes from previous shelves, etc) [Done]
2. Shorten the upper cabinets and get new glass doors made for them. [Shortened cabinets, couldn’t find a cabinet maker willing to make the new doors]
3. Have six glass doors made for the upper-most cabinets (currently without doors). [same as above]
4. Scrub kitchen top to bottom and then, prime. [Done – 8 coats of primer and paint on those walls]
5. Paint woodwork in a glossy white (like livingroom). [Done]
6. Have new sink and counters installed. [Done]
7. Install new 3×6 subway tile backsplash. [Done. Went with 2×4 subway tile with dark grout, expanded to wall behind stove and chalkboard wall].
8. Sand the nook benches and lower cupboards and paint with black milk paint and wax. [After a fiasco with the wax, started over and used poly]
9. Install new hardware on drawers and doors. [Done]
10. Have a solar tube (with recessed light) installed. [Due to the joist spacing and the ceiling fan placement, solar tube was not an option. Went with 2 new pod lights and a lighted pot rack above stove].

If time and budget allows, I’ll see about doing something with the floor. Neal and I discovered last week that the tile is wall-t0-wall (ie, under the existing cabinets). I”m not quite ready to deal with that. Also on the “next list” will be to tile the wall behind the stove using the same 3×6 white subway tile.

So, folks, it’s going to be an interesting few weeks. Stay tuned.