It’s been a crazy few weeks around Wildlands. Ah, the Holidays!

I busied myself by filling bake shop orders, doing some holiday baking for friends, and lastly, making several tin can luminary collections. Spending evenings punching holes in tin cans went a long way to de-stressing me during the most stressful time of year. I highly recommend it.

Two were orders placed by a friend for her husband and brother-in-law. The recipients are friends and I was very excited to make their gifts.

I’ve made two chandeliers before, using wire egg baskets. These still hang in my fig tree, rigged with eye hooks and pullies so they can be lowered and raised, facilitating lighting and replacing the tea lights. When I was asked to make a chandelier, I had to consider how to construct it as I didn’t have any additional egg baskets. I contacted the local bike kitchen who set me up with a few rims.

The first was a tin-can chandelier repurposed a 15″ bicycle rim and used cat food, soup, and stewed tomato cans. I spent a few hours de-greasing the rim and sanding down any rusty spots. Then, the rim and the cans were primed and received multiple layers of Rustoleum outdoor spray paint— this process took a few days given the cold weather here in northern California. I found a double ended eye-hook hexagon tube at Lowes, which I pounded through the center of the rim, thus solving the hanging problem.

The Alfaro chandelier with bike rim

Chandelier and fat cat

The second order was for a collection of non-hanging tin cans. I used ‘hammered’ pewter spray paint which gives a nice textured finish that contrasts nicely with the warm deep red of the other luminaries. This collection included a wider selection of cans.

The Panson collection

"hammered" pewter sprayed luminary














The third collection was for friends of mine who have a warm-hued dining room. I thought the ‘paprika’ and dark red paired nicely. I also included a brighter sage green colored tin as well, but forgot to include it in the group when I took the photo.

The "Golden collection"

I hadn’t made this many luminaries in a few years and it was nice to get back into it. I may be selling a few again on Etsy. If you’re interested in placing an order, send me an email at wovensunshine at gmail dot com. Cheers and Happy Holidays!