origami wrapping paper boxes Many years ago, I spent my first Christmas out of college in Philadelphia. I lived with my sister in Center City on the corner of Walnut and 22nd on the sixth floor in a tiny apartment. I didn’t have a lot of money but wanted to decorate, so Einah taught me how to make origami boxes which I slipped over twinkly lights. I cut out felt and paper ornament shapes and hung those on the our little 4 foot tree.

Without knowing why, I am missing Philadelphia and my sister very much this holiday season. As such, my mind has turned to that Christmas for this year’s decorations.

Wildlands’ 7th annual tree trimming party is on the 10th and for ONCE I plan on having the house decorated before my guests start arriving. Ha. A woman can hope.

Anyway, I went through my collection of wrapping paper and selected some that looked more-vintage looking to make the origami boxes. I had some Christmas card stock and used a few templates off Martha Stewart’s web page (traced them on the screen no less. Laptop screens do make GREAT light boxes to trace, if you’ve ever wondered).

Twinkly garland

Directions how to make the origami boxes can be seen here. So, for the last two weeks, when I’ve had some down time, I’ve been making the origami boxes and cutting out ornaments.

The total cost for this artsy Christmas garland? 10 dollars for the string of 350 lights (bought on sale at Target a few weeks ago)!

Barring teeth may get you on Santa's naughty list...The best part, come New Years, I’ll pull the boxes off the lights, fold them back flat, remove the ornaments and place it all into a small tin and stash away for next year. Easy, inexpensive, reuseable, and recycleable. Not bad.

As always, my partner in crime came over, kept me company and threw in her two cents here and there. Oh. And she dusted the ceiling fan in the media room. THANK YOU, S! I couldn’t help but post this picture, Ms. S barring her teeth after a really long week. She’s a trooper, for sure.