A few years ago, my beloved oak bed broke. One of the rails split well beyond repair and even my most talented carpenter-minded friends sadly shook their heads and told me to let it go.

I was heartbroken. I loved that bed.

Brass bed with patina with castersI purchased a brushed metal bed frame a few years ago while I searched for my next bed. For whatever reason, I thought I’d like an old brass bed and began the hunt. I found some OK ones that were waaay overpriced. I resigned myself to letting go and just seeing what the universe tossed my way.

Two weekends ago, I walked into the Verge’s rummage sale and my heart skipped a beat. There it was— an old brass bed with a stunning patina. Simple design. Truly beautiful. It called to me. I purchased it for $35.00. Yup, you read that right— $35.00! The lovely SS helped me load it into my Jeep which seemed to magically expand to fit the tall headboard.


...with castersWell, sorta. I got home and thought I’d go mattress shopping— mine was 9 years old and no longer comfortable. So off we went, looking for a new mattress set. Easy enough. Done. I measured and re-measured the bed. A queen mattress would fit lengthwise. Perfect.

Well, sorta. The mattress and box spring set was delivered last Sunday. I spent the morning constructing a slat system to support the mattress and box spring. Easy enough. HOWEVER, when I went to lay the box spring down, no matter how much I pushed, pleaded, and swore, it was 2″ too long.

Not so perfect.

So, I began looking for rail extenders. With all the old beds out there, SOMEONE must have figured out a way to extend metal rails. After a few internet searches, I realized, I needed to be creative as no one seemed to have any suggestions. Considering the metal rails, it occured to me—perhaps the rails could be cut and matching steel welded in place. A call to my uncle confirmed my thought. I called a few metal fabricators in town and the only one who didn’t think my request was too crazy was Cole Fabrication in Orangevale.

Welded extensionsThe owner, Jacob, was awesome. I dropped the rails off Saturday afternoon and picked them up today (Monday). See for yourself—he did a great job. I didn’t need the welds polished/sanded down as they would not be visible. Regardless, he sanded them down a bit after welding in a four inch extension. For safe measure he added a second weld on the inside of the L-bend to ensure strength.

The cost was $100.00 and he guarantees the welds will hold for life. If not, he will re-weld them for free. So, if you’re in the Sacramento area and want to convert your antique metal bed by extending its length, give him a call. He’s great!

Maybe this would have seemed like an easy solution to others, I’m surprised it wasn’t yet suggested on the multiple antique bed refinishing sites I’d read.

Rails extended, bed back togetherI put the bed together tonight and WOAH, it’s, umm, a little high. Dammit. There may be dog steps in my future OR I may return the current set and look for a lower-profile set. I haven’t been that thrilled with my mattress selection (it seems a bit soft for my liking). Ugh.

BUT it looks great and the new set fits perfectly. For that—I am VERY pleased. Siddhartha and Sky both can reach the bed, but they aren’t very pleased. Siddhartha looked at the bed and then to me and I could hear him thinking, “Seriously, Ma? Seriously?!”

As I’m 5’2″ (on a tall day), I will have to do a little hop to get into bed as well… for now. Ultimately, I’ll figure it out and stop being Goldilocks. Well, I can hope anyway, right? Grin.

The total cost for my new old brass bed frame? $160 for the frame, the extension, and wood to build the slat system.