When we last left you, we’d found a cache of bottles outside the honey-domed structure. To read that post, click here .

Tonight’s blog takes the form of a photo essay with a bit of narrative here and there. The third dig night (6.14.2011) uncovered another bottle cache, more female cosmetic items, and lots of rusted metal.  See below for the items we uncovered…

And so, we recommence…

Neal ready for part III of our expedition

Neal's new pup, Toto

Neal’s new pup, Toto.

Hmmm, I see your point

Hmmm…it appears you have a deep hole. The black labs keeping watch.

Random items - early on

A few pieces of animal bone (signs of modern butchery), old rusted wheel (from a child’s toy?)

small blue/white porcelain piece

Small piece of porcelain

a metal cog box thingie, animal bone, HINDS bottle (no. 2)

More women’s cosmetic items — milk glass disc container and an additional Hinds’ bottle — and gear box (clock works?) of some sort

small cache of glass items

Bottle cache. Why do we begin to uncover bottles only after dark when we’re a bit tipsy and have only our headlamps for light?

Irridescent broken bowl, milk glass make up

More fragments of the iridescent glass bowl, milk glass disc container

Hinds Honey and Almond Cream (bottle no. 2)

Hinds’ bottle (no. 2)

Pale green bottle with glass stopper

Pale green glass with glass stopper (intact)

Medicine bottle

Medicine bottle with marks

We took a few weeks off— hot weather and busy schedules. We resumed tonight (7.19.11)

starting point 7.19.11

Neal standing in the excavation

concrete bottle

Partial beer bottle — the only bottle we found tonight (shocking, i know)!

attempting to locate the end of the concrete

Digging down…the excavation is now between 2.5 and 3′ deep. We hit a lot of deep roots but were able to get at least another 5″ and widened the excavation — as we found the edges of the bridge (below the  concrete dome)

tonight's stopping point

Bottom of the concrete dome and start of the brick; tonight’s end point.

Neal's tomato sandwhiches!

Dinner! Tomato (BLT) sandwiches—by lamplight. YUM!

We may dig again this weekend; we need a few hours of daylight and hopefully be able to knock out the concrete. I’m fairly confident we’ve finally hit a sterile layer for isolates and bottle caches. I could be wrong, but…doubtful. Who knows.

Stay tuned!