Last Saturday, H and I headed to Reno to hit the thrift stores searching for a mid-century credenza to put in the media room. On the way home, we stopped to dip our toes in the Truckee river and Donner lake. While no furniture was found, it was a good day nonetheless.

Yesterday, SS and I hit a few thrift stores looking for a credenza or something I could convert. Nada. I did come home with a cute mid-century side table, bar accessories, and silver-trimmed china (for 12). Before heading out to work in the garden, I thought I’d scour Craigslist (again). Tada—I found this mid-century desk. The simple lines and cone legs centered beneath the doors appealed to me.

photo from cragislist
At 7.30 pm last night, I drove up to Auburn to check it out. Feeling a bit restless, the ride up the hill was a fun distraction. While it looked a bit rough (lots of nicks and uneven finish), it had a formica top, made of a solid wood, and much like the desk I had in college, the two sides attach with screws to the top. Each side had a shelf, also easily removed.

I brought it home and early this afternoon, I got to work disassembling it and removing the hardware. I had just begun sanding it when M arrived. She (and later the lovely E just home from a month away!) kept me company as I sanded and then stained it (colonial maple). The stain added warming yellow and red hues to an otherwise flattish brown tone (the picture was a bit misleading in this respect).

After dinner and the nightly frisbee toss with the pups, M helped me reassemble it. After drilling a few peg holes, the middle shelf was easily installed. I moved the albums and stereo equipment into the new piece—tomorrow I’ll hook up the new turntable and deal with the cords.

refinished and functional

The media room is looking more streamlined and I couldn’t be happier. While I love the tall green bookcase, it’s simply too tall and overwhelms the room. I’ll relocate it to the studio or into the dining room soon. For now, it’s in the living room until I have time to finish cleaning it out.

album storage

This is, by far, the fastest refinishing job I’ve ever done— but it looks great, no?  Especially when you consider it cost less than 50 dollars to buy and refinish. I’ll replace the formica top at some point and add a shelf above the albums and receiver, but for now it’s perfect.

Thanks to good friends for keeping me company; otherwise, I may not have had the motivation to get it done.

I’ll work in the garden next weekend…