On May 4, 1970 four students were killed on Kent State University’s campus during a war protest. This event continues to bring people together, inspire activism, and remind us all, war has no real winners.

My grandfather was police chief of Kent in 1970. I post this in his memory and for all who have been affected by that day.

Each year, I think of Ohio’s blue May skies and I am softened.  On this day, I am reminded—we must each act to prevent history from every repeating itself. To do so, we must be present in our lives, take action, and use our voice to produce change. A few years ago, I wrote what May 4 means to me; that post can be read here.

I send love to my friends and family from Kent—some have traveled to be there, some still live there, and the rest of us are spread across the US. In spirit, we are sitting vigil as we did together for so many years. Peace to you.

I think of my grandfather—how this day’s events pained him. He’s the best man I’ve ever known and I am thankful for the contributions he made my life, character, and spirit.

To those serving in the armed forces, thank you. May you come home soon. Godspeed.

I chose this video because I appreciate the text narrative and it includes a few images I’d not seen before.