Okay, I don’t often blog outright about Wildlands’ furry beasts, but tonight each of them were so looking so wicked cute, I had to share.

Why aren't we sleeping, girl?

“Why aren’t you sleeping, girl?”
I’m not a cat person. But since Sweetpea adopted me 8 1/2 years ago, she’s made me her first priority. She’s been a good nanny to the pups and I love her for loving us so well. I am warmed by her furry fuzzyness and how she lets me hug her, carry her about, and always, she comes back for more—purring.

A few years ago, a male friend was over watching a movie. On my way back from the bathroom, I stopped to rub noses with Siddhartha who was lying on my bed and I said softly, “Siddhartha, if you were a human male, I’d marry you.”  The male friend, having overheard my private moment with Sid, said, “J, one—creepy. Two—don’t say THAT in front of the HUMAN males, eh?!” hahahaha. The thing is, I would— this dog gets me in a way that few humans ever have AND he can settle me down with a look, a nudge.

Siddhartha really not amused

His expression, so clearly not amused, made me laugh outright. “Ma, I was sleeping.”

Obviously, you didn't listen to me

Clearly, you didn’t listen to me. I’m going back to sleep now. 

Candids of Sky

This is what most candids of Sky look like— pure blur. She’s always moving—note the only IN focus part—- a single back paw. hahaha

Ummmm says Sky

“Ummm, am I in trouble? Ummm, okay, maybe I possibly ummm, ate something I shouldn’t have. ”
This girl is ALL ham. The photo is totally posed. I told her to look sad. She looked sad. I tell her to bounce and she bounces. Such a silly, silly labby.