Some of the best meals I’ve made were beside and over a camp fire near the crashing surf, after a stunning desert sunrise, under tall trees or big skies that go on forever.  Seriously, over a campfire, I’m at least a four star cook. Shrug. I like rustic food. Two years ago, I made an amazing salmon chowder in my cast iron dutch oven while baking a few small loaves of Guinness bread in the coals.

If you come to Wildlands, ask me to make you dinner outside over the fire pit rather than crank up the lovely Wedgewood.  In the winter months, when that isn’t possible, my favorite fallback is breakfast for dinner. I could fill a book full of breakfast for dinner recipes, half of which could be (and have been) made over a campfire.

About a week ago, I dreamed I’d returned to a small creek up north in Lassen National Forest [pictured above] to camp away a few days. While sipping french press coffee, I began making breakfast for friends still curled up in their tents. Looking through the cooler, I pulled out the typical items I’d have with me and below is the breakfast I made. I was able to cram about 10 of these tortilla cups into a cast iron skillet. I guess we’ll wait until warmer weather to see how many actually fit. I used muffin tins tonight because I didn’t need to feed a small army of campers.

breakfast for dinner!

This recipe makes four tortilla cups. Increasing is easy— increase the egg, cheese, and bacon quantities (one per serving) and wing the rest.

4 corn tortillas (4″)
4 slices of baconscramble
1/4 large white onion
1 Serrano chile
1 tomato (save about 1/3 for the guacamole)
4 eggs
4 slices of Havarti cheese (yes, I got the pre-sliced. no haters)

Heat corn tortillas over open flame on the stove until pliable. Fold sides to make a rough cup. Place in the muffin pan and place 1/2 slice of cheese in the bottom of each cup. Set aside.

Rough chop bacon and cook until just crisp. Add the chopped white onion and minced Serrano. Once the veggies are soft, take off the heat and crack the eggs into the hot pan, stirring until just combined (the eggs will start to cook and look like a very wet scramble). Using a spoon, divide the ingredients among the cups. Top with chopped tomatoes and then add the other 1/2 slice of Havarti to each cup. Place in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 until the cheese starts to brown lightly.

headed into the oven

Onto the guacamole:
Combine few springs of cilantro (chopped), dash of cumin, salt, and pepper, 1 avocado diced and roughly mashed, and few TBSP chopped green onions

While the cups are baking, slice a handful of fingerling potatoes (2-3 per person) and place in the frying pan with a dash of salt and pepper.

Once out of the oven, allow them to cool just a few minutes before plating with the guac and potatoes. If you let them sit for an hour as I did (I got distracted by a phone call), you can eat the cup in hand without mess. Pour on a bit of Pepper Plant and we’re golden.

All scrambled up inside

Okay… it isn’t the prettiest once cut open, but wow, was it yummy. The bacon mixed with the heat of the Serrano was perfect. The egg, slightly scrambled before it was baked—fluffy, moist, and perfect. See a theme here?

A meal inspired by a camping dream turned out to be exactly what I wanted—and who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

Neal's eggs

 Postscript: Look at those eggs. Just look at them. Beautiful. Thanks again to my friend N for keeping Wildlands supplied with fresh eggs. Maybe I’ll make breakfast for dinner this week—it sorta fits with our game night food theme…right? Or maybe we could have a ‘plan a camping trip’ night. 🙂