Pork enchiladas

Wednesday night at Wildlands is game night. Over the holidays, I purchased an XBox and kinect and for a few months now, I’ve hosted a potluck meal and we play. Some weeks, it’s a small group and other weeks, the living room is packed. A few Wednesday nights into the game night routine, I realized that Mexican faire lends itself well to potluck dinners. It’s easier for folks to brainstorm sides to bring and the possibilities are limitless.

Tonight, we made pork and potato enchiladas. N had prepared the red dipping sauce and the potatoes. We made two salsas—a tomatillo and tomato—while the meat finished cooking in the crock pot.

Below is a rough recipe for the enchiladas (Makes about 20? 25?):

Meat – In a crockpot, place 2lb pork roast and one 15 oz can of pickled jalapenos and carrots. Allow it to cook on high for about five hours (until it easily shreds).

Red dipping sauce – boil three tomatoes, 1/4 of a white onion, a few cloves of garlic, and  five California chiles. Place in a blender with inch of salt and blend until smooth (about 20 minutes, says N)

Tomato salsa – boil tomatoes (2-3), 1/4 onion, a serrano pepper, pinch of salt. Drain and puree.

Tomatillo salsa – a serrano pepper (or two), 1/4 onion, and 3-4 tomatillos. Boil, strain, puree. Add pinch of salt and a healthy teaspoon of cumin.

Pototoes – rough chop and boil to just soft. Cool and set aside.


Place a few TBSP of oil in a frying pan, allow it to just shimmer. Dip a corn tortilla into the red sauce, swirl the tortilla around in the pan (that was C’s trick and I like it!!), then place just a few TBSP of filling (pork and potatoes), then fold/roll it up with forks/spatula. It’s tricky and well, best NOT photographed. Y0u’ll get the hang of it (says the woman who didn’t fold a single one… I dipped and placed filling. ha).

Showing them offC arrived after N and I had about 10 piled high on the plate. He made a few for us—he cooked the tortilla in less oil and left it in the pan longer. He also took the tortilla out and placed it on top of the assembled enchiladas to fill it rather than fill it in the pan. N and I both liked that process better… the process goes faster because as you’re filling the cooked one, you start the next tortilla in the pan.

As we were cooking, I experienced a moment of sheer bliss. What did I eat before I moved out west? Seriously. This is incredible stuff, folks…and simple. The prep work takes the most time and if you prepare some of it the night before (as N did), it goes very fast indeed.

Time to eat… dress with crema, lettuce, queso fresco, and the tomato and tomatillo salsas.  Ta da. Yummy goodness on a plate.

Enjoying a good meal

See those smiles? This is game night— games or not, it’s time to relax, kick back, laugh, and make a tasty meal with friends. Thanks, guys. Three cheers for Wednesday game night!

We made a shopping list for tamale-making, stay tuned…