German Chocolate cake

As most of you may know, the German Chocolate cake’s origins are rooted in the US, not abroad. The name for this cake is credited to the German Sweet Chocolate made by Baker’s Chocolate.

I’ve always been a fan of this cake but until a few years ago, I’d not attempted to make it. As with all recipes, there are a zillion available online and in cookbooks for German Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or exposed sides and the addition of cherries, etc.

After doing some research and making up a few different recipes, I began working on a Wildlands’ version. I focused on what I like about the cake.

First—for presentation, I prefer frosted sides yet, I’m not a fan of  the super sweet frosting traditionally used. I checked out a few different ganache options. In the end,  I went with a simple ganache made with heavy cream, butter, corn syrup, and bittersweet chocolate. The bittersweet chocolate helps balance the sweetness of the coconut pecan custard.

Second, the coconut pecan custard wasn’t creamy enough and the recipes didn’t call for enough of it to sufficiently fill the layers and cake top.

With a few tweaks here and there, I produced a GC cake I love to share for birthdays and special occasions. The cake is moist while the filling is thick and creamy. The toasted pecans (bought at the Pedrick road fruit stand in Dixon, CA) shine over store-bought. I use a combination of unsweetened and sweetened coconut in three different shreds to increase texture and deepen the flavor. With an abundance of filling between the four layers, the cake stands over 5.5 inches. A lovely, pretty cake.

I hadn’t had an opportunity to bake it again until last week when a friend ordered this cake for her mother’s birthday dinner Friday night. I heard back from her husband yesterday who said it was the best chocolate cake he’s ever had. High praise indeed.

Photo by JIG