Coconut Pecan tartletI’ve been working on a few tart recipes recently.  These new ones—a coconut pecan tart and a lemon tart with almond crust—make their debut today. The first, a luscious coconut pecan tart that is reminiscent of the coconut GS cookie. I have a few small tweaks to make to the recipe based upon feedback from a few tasters tonight— a bit more coconut flavor, reducing the size of the pecans to a rough ground state and increasing the size of the coconut flake. Perhaps I’ll add some flaked coconut to the top prior to baking. These little tweaks will mark near-perfection, I suspect.

I am not  a fan of sweets, but I could not resist cutting this one open a few minutes after I pulled it out of the oven!

Here are a few additional photos:

Coconut pecan tartlet  Coconut pecan tart (4.5″)

Coconut Pecan tart
Coconut pecan tart (14″ x 4.5″)

Lemon curd tartlet with almond crust
Small lemon curd with almond crust. The tart is more lemon than sweet yellow and pairs nicely with the almond crust. The crust is a bit fragile but not overly so.

Blackbottom tartlet with a hint of bouronLast but not least, the small black bottom pecan tart with a hint of bourbon (Four Roses, of course!)

If you’re local and interested in ordering these little beauties, send me an email at wildlandsbakeshop at for pricing and pick up info!