I’ve been baking so much recently and limited my blogging to mostly baked loveliness, I haven’t had much to say about Wildlands.

Tonight, I’m sipping a lovely west coast seasonal beer and imaging Kent with its 20″ of snow, folks watching embers burn in their fireplaces and sipping Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Frown. I miss that seasonal offering. Sigh.

It’s coming on Christmas,
they’re cutting down trees,
singing songs of joy and peace.
Oh, I wish I had a river
I could skate away on…

I find myself humming Joni Mitchell and taking stock. Though I am between old and new tonight,  in all aspects of my life there’s much for which I am thankful.

A year ago today, I packed up the Jeep and headed east with the pups. While I’m feeling a bit sentimental this evening, I’m truly glad not to be on the road. For sure, it was a GRAND adventure (that I will get around to blogging about one day), I have little desire to leave the borders of my neighborhood.

On Saturday, I made treats and dropped off decorations at the cigar shop. The father and son who own the place grinned and groaned, but a promise is a promise. They said we could put up lights and string them around the mounted deer head.  Later that night, friends came over for the annual tree trimming party. As Sky Harbor was sick (she’s getting better but still quite ill with pneumonia, poor pup), it was a more subdued event but the little tree is aglow with lights and handmade ornaments.

Last week I received some odd news and I’ve been mulling on it a wee bit. Not too much, but in quiet moments, like this one. I hum Joni and recall all the times in my life when I wanted just that— to make a lot of money and quit this crazy scene. I did that. I bought Wildlands. I settled down. While my heart flirts with far away places and wide open spaces where time stands still and snow filters down, I know it’s simple nomadism twitching my nose.  In the same week, so many folks have come and gone through Wildlands’ front door, making merry and keeping me company as I bake.

I love being at Wildlands for Christmas. I love the chill of the wood floors, making a fire, making coffee, listening to music and working on a project. I love that last weekend during the tree trimming party, a friend lit a fire outback. I love that another friend dubbed frequent visiters here as “Wildlanders.” I love that it feels cold and as though it *could* snow,  it won’t.

I’ve been working on a sewing project and enjoying a few nights to myself. I’ve postponed order-making until Thursday night. Tonight and tomorrow, are all mine. The pups are curled up on the sofa or in front of the fire and the cat is taking up the spaces inbetween.

The sierra nevada redwood is a willowy tree and the homemade ornamants make me smile. I’ll be heading to the historic Crest Theatre to watch White Christmas on the big screen Christmas eve. Everytime I think about it, i grin like an idiot.

Beginning on Thursday, it’s going to be a rush until new years and it’s good to be busy. If I don’t blog again before New Years, I wish you a happy holiday filled with laughter, love, and cheer.

It’s CHRISTMAS— time when magical moments are common and even the mundane is heightened to beauty. Here’s looking at you, kid.