The photos in this post were taken by Sarah Singleton and are from a post she wrote last night on her blog, Undercover Caterer. That post can be read here.

A few nights ago, I saw a post on FB by David Lebovitz praising a recipe for ginger lemon bars.  David, sir, you had me at lemon ginger. Last night, Sarah came over and kept me company while I tried it out. She sat in the kitchen nook, sipping coffee, and we chatted away until I had all my ingredients prepped and organized.

The recipe for these lovely ginger squares can be found here. As the recipe suggested one could, I increased the crystallized ginger to 1/2 c. I made only minor procedural modifications— steeping the chopped pieces in the lemon juice before straining and adding to the batter and utilizing parchment paper lining in lieu of buttered foil.

They came out of the oven a golden brown, slightly springy to the touch (as they should be). I let them cool on the counter and turned my attention to the glaze. Next time, I’ll reduce the powdered sugar to one cup, increase the lemon juice (steeped with ginger) by a tsp or two, and perhaps thin with a splash of milk. The texture of the bar was inviting—crumbly but moist and not dense. Sarah describe them best as a cross between a brownie and a shortbread.

YUM. That’s all I gotta say. These delicious treats will be incorporated into Wildlands’ standard repertoire. Let me know if you want some (local only. Sorry!)

After Sarah left, through the wonders of FB, a neighbor a few blocks away offered to sample the bars for me. I wrapped several up in wax paper, led my bike out the back gate and peddled over to her house. On the way back, I stopped for a moment to stare up at Orion, so beautiful in the night sky. Sacramento is foggy in winter, yet the air always seems crisp, not thick, thus producing a swelling sense of magic when I spend any amount of time outside at night, wandering about.

Thank you Sarah for taking pictures and keeping me company. It was good to catch up and laugh with you. When making coffee this morning, I looked around and smiled when I thought of your compliment. Yes, Wildlands does have a little house on the prairie vibe.