Nearly a month ago, I blogged about the laundry area’s necessary deconstruction. Until last weekend, I struggled to live with Wildlands in chaos. It wasn’t just the laundry space— the diningroom became storage, the kitchen nook had stacks of dry goods upon it, the back yard was in complete mayhem, and a mountain of dump-run items piled inside the new fence. It was really stressful…everywhere I looked, it was less than peaceful.

Regardless of the outward face I put to the world, I don’t do well with house clutter and chaos.  To give myself peace of mind, last weekend I tackled two project simultaneously— the kitchen pantry and wall repair/chalkboard creation.

The full saga of the pantry construction can be viewed here. The challenge revolved primarily around the fact that this part of the house has a slope greater than 2.5″ from right to left (in the pic below). I will not go into huge detail how I built each and every shelf individually, creating a level optical illusion—why torture you, dear reader, with my madness?

Ladies and gents, let me remind you how sad the area appeared when you saw it last…


After a long weekend, the area’s transformation is nearly done. The walls and ceiling received a good scrubbing and new paint. I put frosting on the lower alley windows. I love the storage—none of the shelves are too high up that I’d HAVE to use a step ladder. Hey, I’m short. Why should I torture myself? I need to add a cute curtain (to cover the machine fronts), put in a new light fixture, and scrap paint off the windows. Then it will be truly “done.”

In the daylight

Tada. Now, onto the drama in the kitchen…

In the first week after purchasing the house, I put up moulding on a kitchen wall so that it would match the rest of the kitchen. This was very important to me for whatever reason and so, I installed this moulding so that it would last forever. I bolted it to the wall and used Liquid Nails…just to be sure.

Ha. Silly rabbit… on two accounts— one, assuming that it’s OK to use bolts to attach a small molding and two, that I’d want that molding to be there forever.

I didn’t have the heart to take a picture after I’d pried the moulding off—an act that left multiple, large diameter, and deep holes in the wall. Sigh. I mixed plaster and allowed the appropriate time to go between the fillings. I sanded. Repeat process all weekend long.

This first picture was taken mid-way through the process. While it looks pretty good (given what it had looked like), you could feel and see the repair’s unevenness.

Wall repair midway

And now, the chalkboard is nearly complete. I need to trim it out (using finishing nails, thanks) and find a little box to hold the chalk and eraser. I’ll pick out the new wall paint color and finish that up this weekend.

Chalkboard wall 90% done


And in case you missed it, here’s the first message on the new chalkboard…

First message