As most of you know, I’ve been offering to make friends’ birthday treats for the last two years. I am given the opportunity to hone my baking/decorating skills and my repertoire is expanded. The challenging part— I never know what they’re going to request.

My friend Angela‘s request was a pink champagne cake and so, she got a pink champagne cake. I’m pretty happy with the results, but am going to keep working on the recipe. The cake stood at just over 7 inches, had a girlie pink interior, and once decorated, it exuded a 1950’s vibe.

When first mixed, the batter appears curdled but then becomes a fluffy dense texture (thank you champagne and 5 TBP. baking soda!). While I filled the 8″ baking pans 1/2 full, I was surprised to see the cakes top the pan.

I (mostly) followed the recipe Angela sent me for a champagne cake. She also recommended I make a different frosting (she’d made cupcakes last week using the frosting recipe and said the results were less than stellar).  I did do some research out on the net but was unsatisfied with other recipes. I’ll continue to do some research—I suspect there are a few 1950-1960s era cookbooks that have champagne cake recipes. We shall see.

For the frosting, I went old school—whipped butter, added some flavorings, and powdered sugar. Once it was done, I divided the frosting and used red food coloring to color 1/4 of it pink. I’m still wasn’t thrilled with it (there’s something to be said for cream cheese or mascarpone), but with a few future tweaks, I’ll be content.

The cake’s texture was perfectly crumbly. I was pretty pleased with it but I think the flavor could use some tweaks as well. While I’d removed the cake from the oven slightly under baked,  the cake had a heavier crust than other cakes I bake. Next time, I’ll skip prepping the pans next time and use strips of parchment paper instead.  Tweaks to come—stay tuned.

Angela loved her birthday cake. I’ve promised her tastings as I continue recipe development. As she’s the photographer of the group, I asked her to take a few shots of the cake cut. She provided me with these lovely photos tonight.

I’ve linked her photography page here— check her out! I’m the baker, she the photo taker! Happy Birthday, girlie. xo