World, meet Scottycakes. A friend of mine’s  birthday is this weekend and he’s the inspiration behind this salty sweet treat. Scotty is a fan of my baked goods and when I asked him what he’d like for his birthday, he said he’d leave it to me to choose as he loves whatever I make (awe, thanks). The only direction he gave— he likes buttercreams and cream cheese frosting well enough, but he loves just the old school powdered sugar frosting. That’s a twist I didn’t see coming. Huh. Okay.

What to do. What to do. Twiddles thumbs, ponders for several days while driving around the countryside for work. As they will be delivered and eaten at a show, I didn’t want to make a cake which needs utensils and plates, etc. Last night (I know, a bit down to the wire), I chose to go in a new direction.

And without further ado, I present these lovely little cupcakes. Except, they aren’t just plain ole cupcakes—world meet Scottycakes; Scottycakes, meet world. There’s two dozen of these little cakes chillaxin’ in the fridge as we speak— one dozen are filled with salted butter caramel and the other dozen, chocolate ganache.

Using a sharp circular pastry cutter, I removed the centers.  I used the America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe with a few modifications. Their recipe can be found here.

I made the salted butter caramel and the chocolate ganache, allowed each to cool then filled the cupcakes using a teaspoon.  The extra ganache and salted caramel are in squeeze containers, to be used later. Once filled, they were slid back in the fridge to firm up before receiving their old-school fluffy chocolate frosting.

I grated semi-sweet chocolate and squeezed a bit of chocolate ganache on top. There was a mild pastry bag mis-fire, so I chose just to smooth out the frosting using a spoon.

I sometimes feel self-conscious when a friend says “make anything.” I fear I’ll disappoint them. However, friends are a huge inspiration and because of them, I add new recipes to my repertoire and create new items, like these cupcakes. I didn’t read about them on a blog, I didn’t see them in a book—I pondered, considered, then created. Filling cupcakes are not new, but I ask you this…when was the last time you had one filled with salted butter caramel, hmmm?

Happy Birthday Scotty. Thanks for the music and hope you had a rocking birthday! xo jig