Okay, raise your hand if you can remember the last time you were able to sit down and chillax in Wildlands’ living room [insert awkward glances & sound of crickets].

For the last year or so, I’ve kept a collection of chairs to suggest one could sit, but honestly, the room was no more than a pass through from the front door to the kitchen. The bike spends more time in front of the fireplace than I do.

The problem is simple. Wildlands’ rooms are small and much of the furniture I purchased when I first moved to Sacramento and rented a smaller bungalow in Midtown no longer fits here. Ironic.

For nearly two years, I’ve  searched for furniture to fit the scale of the rooms that didn’t look like overstuffed nightmares in miniature. Last week, I gave in and designed two sofas on a furniture store’s webpage. I had an appointment in September at the east bay store to place my order and confirm fabrics.  The sofas had a hefty price tag that was beyond alarming, yet I’d reached my capacity to go without a place to sit and knit by the fire or space to watch a movie in the media room with more than one other person.

Yesterday on Sacramento Craigslist, I spied two mid-century sectional sofas. I nearly fell over. They were reasonably priced ($200 for the sage green sofa and $300 for the yellow). I went today to see them and immediately fell in love. These two sofas are nearly identical to the ones I’d designed—down to the tufted backs on the large sofa and the cone legs on both. The sage green sofa is 32″ deep and 72″ long. The left arm chair detaches, providing a great deal of flexibility for multiple arrangements throughout the year.

I’m now excited to repaint the living room (a much lighter cream colour) and straighten up the mantle. I’m on the hunt for a small-ish mid-century end table and perhaps a comfy foot stool that can double as a coffee table.

The yellow sofa is 105″ long, 32″ deep, and a short 31 inches. It fits beautifully in the media room. I love the tufted back cushions and the wide seat cushions. The back is low and comes slightly above the window sill. I detest sofas that block windows. Ugh. I found the corner table (from another seller) for $40.00. It’s a mid-century Lane table with great lines and a shelf beneath. The room now  has adequate seating for movie nights. Dog beds easily slide beneath. Perfect.

For added flexibility, the two pieces can slide together to form one very long sofa. I’m not crazy about the sofa texture (old school rough wool-like weave), but I’ll save up and have it re-upholstered in a more Wildlands-friendly fabric. Note the gap between the left arm and the wall— can’t recall the last time the media room felt this spacious.

Overall, I’m thrilled. The new rug in the living room looks perfect with the new sectional and I’ll pull the heathered tones to accent.  Once the rooms are more together, I’ll post better pictures. I was so excited tonight, I couldn’t help bu post a few pics—the difference between this morning and this evening—stunning and exactly what I had in my mind.

Between the front yard mayhem left behind from tree removal, the backyard in chaos, and the deconstruction last night, I’ve been struggling to love my home.  Tonight, I’m perched on the tufted sofa in the media room, relaxing, and falling back in love with Wildlands.

Not a bad day for Craigslist finds, no?

Three separate friends (Karha, Colin, and Jen C.) traveled with me to make the multiple trips in the Jeep to bring it all home to Wildlands. For their company and assistance, I am very appreciative. Chalk up another successful home project made so by community support.  Warm fuzzy, warm fuzzy.



We’ve had the furniture about two weeks now. It’s sad to see the animals struggle in their new furniture-inhabited surroundings…