It’s nice for a change to be able to write a post about construction around here. For weeks, it’s felt like deconstruction only. The front and back yards are in shambles. Lovely Ms.  Schmiedt is designing a backyard landscaping plan, I’ve been collecting flagstone off Craigslist (inexpensive alternative to purchasing at a quarry store), and in general, mucking up the soothing vibe of Wildlands by stacking stuff everywhere.

I’ve been wanting to build a new fence alongside the alley but haven’t had the extra time or money to do so. It also became a chicken/egg quandary. Which to do first–build the backyard fence or install the landscaping? Last week, the quandary was solved for me when a man [mostly likely] pulled back the old fence boards and gained access to my backyard in the middle of the night. Thankfully, Sky Harbor alerted me and the guy split over the back fence.

Last Friday, a contractor began installing the new alley fence which extends 3 additional feet into the alley. Turns out, the old homeowners were a smidge lazy and chose to narrow the backyard rather than cut out concrete and install the fence along the property line. As I’d already had the concrete chunked out, installing the 4×6 posts was only made difficult by the lovely Sacramento clay.

Saturday was a hectic day, but the fence was complete around 7 pm. Last night a friend and I sat in the back yard, facing the new fence. She said something that made me laugh really hard. “You know we’re sitting here watching the new fence, right?” haha. Indeed.

It’s a formidable fence that is attractive on both sides. The fence stands at 8 feet with an arbor just over 8 feet 6 inches.  I have some trim pieces to install along with fence post caps, but otherwise, it’s done. While it was a  lot more expensive than I would have liked, I’m really pleased with it and the small architectural touches. Michael and I designed the fence on the sly on Thursday. The arbor ties in with the front gate arbor and the outdoor shower area arbor. Come fall, the narrow planting area (6″) in the alley along the fence will be planted with thorny native California roses with a few other climbing vines incorporated as well.

The new gate is a solid redwood door that I purchased from Craigslist for 30 bucks. I love how it looks. Reduce, reuse, recycle indeed.