Okay, for those of you who weren’t there—here’s a short recap: beautiful setting, beautiful music, good people. Powerful when thousands of people quieted to near silence for several songs.  Standing third back from stage left, in the short girl section, I spent the majority of the show in happy awe. I chose our spot well as BI’s lead, Justin, was about 15 feet from me. Great view. Great show. Thank you.

You’d think I’d be able to  write about music as I can other things, including my life. However, there is some music, I cannot break down. Instead, I am without words.  This music stirs, touches, subdues, arouses, and I become lost in thought while visually, seeing a world unfold…

Revision 10.3.09. Spoke with a friend last night and stumbled out a good description of the music, it’s affect on me. “i think that is what i love about his lyrics… they are snapshots, not full on documentataries. My mind can wander into the music, as if i’m in a conversation, hearing bits and pieces, being pulled away by some music playing in the background and then, back round to the conversation.”

The opening act was MegaFaun and members appear throughout the Bon Iver set. These videos pulled from youtube. Thank you to fellow Bon Iver fans for getting some good footage from the show. Not in set order, but close. I wasn’t taking notes, i was listening the the music and enjoying the nuances of it being played live.

Thanks again to my friend, Pam, for coming along and experiencing the show with me.

Beach Baby

Brackett, WI from the Dark was the Night Red Hot and Blue compilation put out earlier this year by the National brothers. If you don’t have it, get it. A solid double album. This song is an open road on big sky days, Jeep’s sunroof open, speeding along at a satisfactory clip—driving away from or coming home to Wildlands.

Lump Sum.

Skinny Love.

Stacks. I do not understand exactly why I gravitate to this song as much as I do. Partially, I see the Albany Bulb’s Icarus statue in my mind eye with the sun setting before us, and I am softened.

Blood Bank.

Jayhawks’ cover Tampa to Tulsa. Beautiful. You could hear a pin drop.

closing…Wolves Act I & II. Instructions to the audience before the song.  “In the morning I’ll call you.” Can’t you feel the cold winter air hitting your face? Yes, indeed,  “what might have been lost…” mesmerizing and moving crowd participation. Song near and dear after a friend pointed out the lyric (in relation to my odd eyes) “your eyes painted so naturally blue.”

Creature Fear. Encore I

Bon Iver and MegaFaun Encore II. Worried Mind (MegaFaun song)

and while not played at the show last night, found this on youtube and found it quite beautiful. A cover of Okkervil River’s Blue Tulip.