jig surprised
Often, work is not all that “fun” anymore. It’s a lot of talking on the phone, problem solving, working with my staff, project engineers, and such. While I love my job, rarely am I given the pleasure of letting loose like a wild child and exploring work sites.

Last week, on the Nacimiento project, my lead and I went searching through the riparian corridor to check out a pond on our alignment. Before climbing  through a series of willow trees, I asked my biologist to hold my camera (so it wouldn’t end up in the pond).

Lesson learned: if you ask your staff to hold your camera, don’t be surprised when they take pictures of you hanging out in a tree like a monkey.

I love this picture of me. I look surprised, but happy. I am now home “sick” with poison oak around my neck, on my hands, and around my waist, but I hold onto that fleeting hour when once again, I was just me, having fun and feeling free.

Cheers. jig