Ah, another holiday weekend, another Wildlands’ project.

Arbor fence (in progress) Sunday night, July 5th
Arbor fence (in progress) Sunday night, July 5th

It’s not done, but I feel pretty good about it. As with all house projects, one project sparks the need for another.

As some of you know, it’s my dream to have an outdoor shower. The side yard flanked by the neighbor’s garage seemed like the best option (privacy and relative ease to install the plumbing under the house).

Getting the job done was daunting— removed the old fence boards (easy), the raised flower bed (that I built four years ago) was difficult; old fence posts was quite hard, but digging the new fence post holes and trenches for the drains was the worst.  Hence, the pickaxe.

The drains are in under the new shower “floor.” I need to add more drain rock and level out the bricks ontop. I need to dig back towards the fig tree and forward into the front yard to have them operational.

So, what’s left? Install the right side of the arbor and the top and trim/paint the fence boards. I’ll add final pictures when it is done.

While the project was intense and covered myself in bruises and cuts, I am proud of the work thus far. A challenge indeed. I flaked/was late for several events with friends this weekend. For that, I apologize.

In some ways, while more stressful than I’d anticipated, it was soothing in others. I built yet another project using my grandfather’s long level and old, old black and decker drill (circa 1940s? 50s?). That’s soothing. A few times, I found myself thinking of him and what he’d think of this project, or my house, or well, my life. Using his tools brings conjured warm memories of his work bench and the summer I built my mom’s table and benches. He’d come down the street every day to sit, chat, and provide design assistance.

Pictures (from before to present) can be seen here
Have a good night and happy belated fourth of july.