by the side of the road_postcard

The show is up and I’m very pleased with it. The graphic above is the show’s postcard proof. I’ll be distributing them here and there around town in addition to sending some to my lovely out-of-towners.

The “photographs were inspired by music and every day travel on big sky days,” i.e., common scenes displayed in a seemingly random fashion— think snapshots and postcards. Approximately a third of the show features murals and sculptures from the Albany Bulb— representing my 9 month-long fascination with this east bay location.

If it were possible, the show would include listening stations with mp3s for each photo or group of photos. As that is not possible, each photo’s title suggests its musical connectivity. For my last show, I was not very creative when I named the pieces. Not so for this show. While this may seem incredibly cheesy (and admittedly, it is a bit), keep in mind—music is my deepest passion, strongest motivator and most ardent source of inspiration. Of course the images I choose to record would have a music connection and it’s important to express this connectivity—every photo has a story and every song is a story, a snapshot.

An example? The image of the beloved San Joquin truck above is entitled Cowgirl’s Truck out of the Sand and For Sale on the Side of the Road which represents….? (scroll to bottom)

If anyone is interested in figuring out the songs for which each piece is titled, let me know. I’ll hand out a free print to anyone who gets them all.

While hanging, several people made positive “woah” comments and this pleased me very much. I’ve been more nervous for this show as it is themed and also my first solo photo show.

I hadn’t spoken to Michael (owner of CG) about my intention to donate my profits to Sacramento’s Loaves and Fishes until this afternoon. I am very happy to annouce that the Coffee Garden will donate 10% of their commission to L&F too!!

Framed prints are for sale (at very reasonable prices!!) in addition to unframed prints. I’m hoping to make additional donation money by selling the unframed prints. There are several framed large prints (16×20 and 16×12) as well as sixteen 5×7 “postcard” (in 8×10 frames) images.

Go by the show and let me know what you think— Franklin Blvd.  & 4th Ave.—it’s up until the 30th of June.


Neil Young’s Cowgirl in the Sand (specifically the Live Rust LP).