It’s been another six weeks or so of new music floating through the windows here at Wildands. Oddly enough, the music for April that I’ve gathered up isn’t all that light, fluffy, or playful. I don’t have words to describe it other than these—each of these artists’ songs call up that moment between dreaming and consciousness. Warm and lovely, hopeful even. Yet, also wistful and troubling, as my mind unsuccessfully attempts to suss out what’s what.

While I’m still a bit obsessed with Bon Iver’s Blood Bank (see below) and Brackett, WI (from the Dark was the Night compliation), notable new additions have been Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast, Great Lake Swimmers (Lost Channels and older releases), Angus and Julia Stone’s A Book Like This, and J. Tillman’s Vacilando Territory Blues. 

Unfortuntely, the widget is currently down, so send me an email if you’d like the link.

1. Andrew Bird. Anoanimal and The Privateer are on constant rotation. Though, I admit, the best part of Anoanimal is 2.15 minutes into the song. The Privateers and Dark Was the Night’s contribution, the Giant of Illnois, are included below.p>

2. Great Lake Swimmers’ Your Rocky Spine. Outstanding.

3. Angus and Julia Stone’s Paper Aeroplane. This song is following me around, a bit. I find myself humming it at the oddest times.

4. And perhaps one of my favorites, saved for last. J. Tilliman’s Above All Men (from Vacilando Territory Blues). His voice is haunting and lovely.

5. Dirty Projector and David Byrne — Knotty Pine (from Dark Was the Night compliation…if you don’t know about this compliation—get it. It’s stunning). Tied together—with rope and twine—stuck together with paste and glue—tall planks with knotty pine with a couple of nails pulled right on through— RIGHT ON.

Bon Iver—lushly turning me on, making my heart race. I think it’s the bass drum. Not sure. More on this some other day.

Blood Bank—of all the songs that have come out in the last few years, this song grips me the hardest. Rivals MMJ. And that’s sayin’ something, folks. I wish I could eloquently wax on his music, but my extreme physical reaction imobilizes my thoughts. Snagged this clip from Outside Lands last year. I’m still kicking myself for missing this set (I was off elsewhere). I chose this one because i like the energy of it. It is NOT of the best sound quality—you can find more recent clips on youtube, if interested.


Flume – it’s the sting guitar strings, the bass drum that kicks in… makes my heart skip a beat while the world slows to a snowflake second.

and Brackett, WI from the Dark Was the Night compliation