Well, hello there. Happy St. Patty’s Day.
It’s 11:45 pm and I’m going to bed. I haven’t had a sip of whiskey or even a beer, but I did have a rough day.

Without being dramatic, it was the scariest day I have had at work…. in memory. I went to take measurements along the canal today; I slipped and got a little wet. I was on the left (more steep side) which is deceptively steep with loose rock. I’m not retelling the story here for lots of reasons, but suffice to say, I’ll not be going near the edge again.

Then, standing there, next to the gas pipes (which traverse the canal), my project manager tells me to remind the guys of the gas pipelines out there in the field where they will be trenching using a ditchwitch. He says this as I see them crank up the auger, down it goes…line of sight….right over the pipeline. I hang up, start waving my arms, get their attention. They stop.

Are you kidding me? My heart lept into my throat and I stopped breathing for a moment. My mind raced, and life stood still. Sounds really dramatic, I know. But,  it was dramatic. It was scary.

I trembled intermittently this afternoon…. all the while, working through two client conference calls which were difficult and stressful. “I understand the tight deadline; we’ve got it covered. I understand the situation and will find a workable solution for you” I heard myself saying while my heart continued to beat through my shirt over my near-misses.

The problem is that I’m tired. A person simply cannot put in these sort of hours, coupled with the long drives, physical work, and mental acrobats before they shift more and more into auto pilot. I’ve been making dumb mistakes, here and there. I’m tired, I’m not eating well, sleep less. I’m not processing information as I usually do— I didn’t consider the trenching and the pipes, truly. Just didn’t occur to me. Bad time for me to stop processing my surroundings.

What did I find upon my arrival home today? Something that really, truly mattered. Sweetpea met me at the gate with a warm figure 8 around my legs and a happy meeeeh purr. Two loving black beasts who nuzzled me then and haven’t stopped showing me love since I unlocked the front door. We went to the dog park at 6 pm (after i’d worked with the shovel to level part of the front yard— still had too much energy pent up), saw dog parkers, and finally began to unwind, to breathe. This evening, I worked a bit, got take out (on foot), and have been curled up on the futon, warm fuzzy, warm fuzzy.

The luck of the Irish. I don’t have bad luck— I have great luck. Luck is seizing opportunities as they present themselves. Two presented themselves today and I altered the course of events. Thank you, universe for keeping me safe.

And i shall end with one of my favorite quotes, copied long ago from the creator’s syndicate.

“Let us give thanks for what we have AND for what we have escaped.”

Amen. I’ll drink to that.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.