Okay, here’s the list for this year’s holiday baking mayhem and madness. The last four weeks, I’ve been all about pumpkin crisps and feel I’ve had my time with that recipe. Thus, onward and upward.

I’ve baked several fruitcakes thus far and all of them were happily devoured.  Today, to get ready for the final neighbor baking push, I’ve made TODAY:

1. 4 dozen chocolate chip spearmint lavendar cookies

2. 5 pumpkin cheesecakes (two large, one medium, and two small)

3. 4 fruitcakes (two medium, one small)

4. 6 dozen snickerdoodles

5. 2 cranberry orange loaves

6. 4 dozen biscotti

7. 3 bread puddings (one medium, two small) with rum currant apple topping

8. 1 apple tart

Yeah, I know, RIGHT?

Out of control!!!

Recipes to follow soon!