Hi All.

Well, we are moving into our third week as a quartet and all things being equal, it’s going really well.

Sky is a good dog. She follows me around constantly, nuzzles my hand, and generally is very affectionate. She is, of course, very playful. Puppydom aside, I believe her personality will always include this playful affection. She loves wildlife—birds, squirrels, ducks and I’m working hard on commands (recall, stay) so that she can become an off leash dog. I do suspect, a few scares are in my future as she is the type to run off and explore.

She has gangly paws and steps all over everything, is already taller than Siddhartha, but for some reason, is afraid to get into the car. So, I pick her up and put her in the car. She’s finally comfortable with getting out of the car on her own (battle half won).

She chews on stuff—pens, rugs (my poor navajo wool woven rug), toys. I’m working on this with her— she chews, i say no, and give her an acceptable alternative. The upside: she has a talent with housekeeping chores by finding all the errant twist ties, bottle caps, etc. that have fallen into out-of-the-way places around the house.

She’s only had one additional accident in the house this past week— yesterday she got super excited and peed on the rug as I was putting on Siddy’s harness (we were leaving to go for a hike). Okay. She’s a puppy and we’re working on it. She uses the doggie door often. She is vocal and already protective of the house. She has a lot to say, by the way, but doesn’t over bark a situation. That’s good.

She wants to be whereever Siddhartha is and do whatever he’s doing. She’s extremely curious and a true pest (in Sid’s eyes). They have begun wrestling a bit here and there and I’m happy about that. Perks Siddy up a bit.

A few days ago, I hear WWIII breaking out in the house and a horrible gutteral growl (Siddhartha’s) and make the assumption that Sky is attempting to pin Sid (usual) and exert dominance (she’s just playing now but if that doesn’t get in check as she gets older, Siddy will be the true subdominant and I don’t want that). So, I head into the living room to rescue Sid and before I even see the situation I loudly say “HEY!” and what do I see? Siddhartha has Sky pinned on her back on the floor and his mouth is on her neck. He looks up at me with this “uhh, what?” expression. I laugh and say “okay, you two work it out” and leave the room to which more sounds of mayhem and madness ensue. Pretty soon, Sky comes running and wants to nuzzle.  Cute. One point for Siddhartha.