Hi— I’m SKY. And I’m super cute.

I went up to Grass Valley today after spotting Sky on Petfinders.com. She is a nine month old black lab and from what I can tell, she is mostly or all labby. I showed up, took her outside to the fenced-in area and she immediately RAN for a soccer ball and began playing it with… only to drop it and plunge into the doggie pool…she has the attention span of a labby, too. Yup, if walks like a duck, it must be a duck…” 

I didn’t need any time to “think” it over. I filled out the paperwork and then began our adventure home. She’s either afraid of the car or she hasn’t ridden in one very often. She whimpered on and off back to Sacramento. When I spoke to her, she stopped. When we got back into the car after the pet store (where she was soooo well behaved!) she was willing to sit on the  backseat (as opposed to sitting behind the driver’s seat on the floor) and she was looking out of the window but wasn’t comfortable sticking her head out.

As I type this, Siddy and Sky are sleeping on the media room floor. She’s a bit of a lionness—she has that gait. Siddhartha seems OK with the situation, though acting a bit too subordinate, if you ask me. She’s a TALKER. After having a non-verbal lab for five years, I’m a bit amused to hear Sky speak her mind. She has growled (at a noise outside), whimpered, and made a few cute nuzzle noises. She hasn’t barked yet and she doesn’t seem that interested in the dog bed—she’s a bit unsure of the squishness. 

She is eager to please and follows commands rather well. She is playful (nuzzling/nipping at fingers) and then when tell her no, she stops. She sticks her paw in the water bowl (Siddhartha was a bit horrified); I told her “no” and she took her paw out of the bowl and Siddhartha stopped eating (err, we’re going to have to work on that). She does fetch— she may be able to inspire Siddhartha a bit.

She has gone in and out of the doggie door several times already tonight (treats= motivator!). She listens fairly well and is still quite the puppy although she is nearly as big as Siddhartha. She has a sweet temperment. When she was first introduced to Pea, she licked her and Pea hissed and tapped her muzzle (claws not out); Sky seemed mostly indifferent to the situation. She’s a pacer— back and forth between the media room and the living room. She picks up Sid’s toys and brings them to me.  She drops them at Sid’s feet too— as if to ask him to play. Not so much, yet.

When she lays down, she beats her tail on the floor. I’m teaching her commands (yes, already), and when she doesn’t understand me, she sits down. grin.

Pea came into the house, stayed under the bed for a while, then came out into the media room. Sky was curious and Pea went behind the futon, where I retreived her and placed her on the futon… all is quiet— pea and sid on the futon, sky on the floor.

She’s fighting sleep. Awe, sweet pup.

Lounging outside

Again, the cute puppy sit!

She’s a tall girl

Jenn: Hi Sweetpea!
Pea: We NEED to TALK….

Ummm… hi… (sweetpea goes under house, Sky attempts to follow— Pea still under
house. I’m sure she will come out soon)!

Tug of war (Sid won)

Okay, quick! Who’s who?

Sid has the white on muzzle and Sky has a WAY bigger tongue!

Day Two: Pretty good day all and all. She was a good girl and slept through the night and got up and went outside first thing. We went to the dog park and she had a blast running around with the other dogs. Unlike Siddhartha, she threw herself into the dog park pack and wrestled around with several dogs. Happily, they were all dogs I know and she didn’t seem at all bashful. She seems to prefer the side attack at full speed approach.

Snuggling with Siddhartha? She’s actually just laying on him (she steps all over him with those gangly puppy paws, but it sounds nicer to say “snuggling.”

Day Three: Off to the vets. Accident in the house when I called her over to put on her harness. She really associates it and the car with something bad. So, we’re working on that. Went to the vets and she and Sid both have a cold— so, tons of meds. Awesome. Upside: she is a good pill taker (just like Siddhartha). She was super sweet and was incredibly well behaved. Also, Sweetpea is coming out all the time. Currently, Sky is sleeping on the kitchen floor. Siddhartha is one the rug in the livingroom and Pea is sleeping on the small rug inside the front door.

The really funny/bad part of the day? Sky presented me with a chewed up iPod radio transmitter when I came from my DWR meeting. Jeez, thanks Sky. We don’t EAT electronics, kid. Ever. Really. (licks hand). Yes, really.

8 pm. My favorite LEFT-HANDED coffee mug that Carrie gave me for Christmas. The upside? Carrie, I now have a Christmas idea for ya. It wasn’t really her fault. I left it on the table within table whacking range. Sigh. If it is any consolation (and it was to me) she sat down and hung her head after she broke it…

Until tomorrow….

Day Four:
Well, it has been a good day.  I didn’t bring my camera with me on our little excursion to the Coffee Garden, but trust me, the two little black beasts were super cute together. We walked there (about 6 blocks?) and it wasn’t unmanageable. Actually, it was quite manageable. Lots of people stopped (even some in cars) to comment on the two of them.

Once at the CG, the owner (Michael) came out praised them for being so well-behaved and cute; they totally took him for all the cookies he was willing to give! Out back, they laid down (I attached Sid’s leash to a chair and Sky’s leash to Sid), fell asleep, and perked up any time someone came by to love on them. Overall, incredibly relaxing and a very enjoyable experience.

Sky peed on the rug in the livingroom when I went to put on her harness— so, no more putting on the harness inside. I’m not sure what’s up with that— she’s just afraid. Of what, I’m not quite sure, but we’ll work through it. 

Upon arriving home, she went in the back and did her business— she, unlike Siddhartha, is NOT a public pee/pooper—yet. Interesting.

I woke up this morning to siddy curled behind my knees, sweetpea curled up by my shoulder and a new sensation— a nuzzling Sky behind me with her head on my side. I don’t know how long she’d been awake, but was just lying there waiting for me to wake up. That warmed my heart. I got up, took a shower and grinned when I found her curled upon the bathroom floor waiting for me. Hmmm. not something I’m used to…

Okay, heading to the art studio— it will be a new adventure for Sky. She hasn’t discovered the studio yet. Grin. Yeah. We’ll see how that goes…

With an hour left to go in the day, I took Siddhartha and Sky to the park. I needed to get out some frustration and Siddy needed some time to wander and sniff. Sky and I began running laps. Around lap 2, Siddy came along and I let Sky run and play with him. They wrestled. Only for a moment, but Sid instigated it. I get a bit nervous as Sky isn’t wearing her LCD collar (but Siddy is), so I snag her leash and we begin running more laps. I keep whistling for Sid and he wanders around the perimeter. At lap 6, I look around—Sky is whimpering. No Siddhartha. It started slowly, then more frantically, I ran around the park calling his name. I notice the gate is open at the playground, i go through there, no red flashing LCD collar. I call and call. I begin to panic. I ask a few guys parked alongside the park if they have seen him. No. I head towards home and begin to cry. Get the car, get the cell, go look for him. And then, through my tears I see the red flashing light at the corner by my house. He’d gone HOME. I don’t know why, but he did. He left me. I praised him and praised him, then gave him as many cookies as he was willing to eat.

Okay. He isn’t happy with the new situation? Maybe it was because I took Sky running? I’ll have to work on that… maybe he’ll be more willing to run with me if she runs with me. Or maybe he wanted to play with her and I had her running? I’m not sure. But I am so thankful right now. He’s asleep on the futon, his back touching my thigh. Okay. All is right in the world…

Here’s to tomorrow being a better day where I’m less in my head and more present with all of Wildlands’ pets…

Day Five
Today was a lazy day around Wildlands. I woke up feeling quite blah (sore throat, mild fever) and my calf hurting badly (strain). We slept until 10.30 am and took a nap around 3.30 pm. All was quite— Siddy was more affectionate and I was more affectionate with him. I moved the cat in the middle of the night and snuggled with Sid.

When I woke up this morning—no Sky. uh oh, I left the bedroom door open. Dreading what I would find, I grinned when I found her playing outside with a tennis ball, bouncing it against the fence. She had chewed up a piece of paper (junk mail) but otherwise, the house was in one piece. She hadn’t even overturned the water bowl. Yah! Progress.

Sara came over and we went to dinner at the cafe around the corner. Both dogs were super well-behaved. Walked to the Coffee Garden and sat down to watch the presidential debate. Sid and Sky stayed tied up outfront. The owner sat down to watch the debates, noticed the dogs outside, got up and took them treats. When I told him they were OK and he didn’t need to get up to give them treats, he grinned and said “oh, no! i’m going to give them treats!!” He commented how impressed he was by them. I grinned. Yes, I am quite pleased.

As we were leaving, we could hear the band playing in the back— old school standards— Billie Holiday coming through the night air. Had I been feeling better (and Sara not tired), we might have stayed to hear more. Ah, some nights here in Sacramento are quite nice indeed.

Okay. Sky is playing with toys in the livingroom; Siddy and Pea are sleeping next to me on the futon. All is well on the western front. Love to all. JIG

Day Six

We had a good day around the home front yesterday. All of the natives are a bit restless with the quarentine, but we’re doing well. We spent the majority of the day up in the art studio, organizing, and dreaming up pieces for the art show. Sky was afraid of the studio steps and it took a good deal of coaxing to her up the stairs.

Around 10, we gathered the leashes and were about to head out to the cafe to meet a friend for a late night espresso when I noticed something laying on the floor of the living room. Then with great horror, I realized Sky had brought in a present— a dead rat, a few days old (no doubt a Sweetpea kill. A bit surprised Pea didn’t deliver it herself!!). She was happy and whimpering, nudging it towards me. I nearly threw up on the spot.

So, I did what any good respectable dog owner would do: I brushed her teeth with my spare tooth brush with tea tree oil. Ewwww. She did not like that. Oh well, kiddo. I’m glad she and Siddhartha  are both on antibotics.

She didn’t pee when I put on her harness, but for the next little bit, we’ll be doing that outside!

Day Seven

Ah, what a good girl. I left the little black beasts under the watchful eye of Pea while Julie and I headed to the market. No issues upon my arrival home. This afternoon, we headed over to Keith and Megan’s for a BBQ. Sky was very shy with several people there but fetched lots of balls and she seemed to enjoy running about. Siddhartha had several fits of selective hearing, but otherwise he was well-behaved. Interestingly enough, HE was the dominant one at the BBQ while Sky acted more shy, sticking pretty close to me and alternatively, to Siddhartha. It’s cute how she follows him about.

So, there we have it… all is quiet at Wildlands. Tomorrow, I leave for a good chunk of the day… I’m hopeful that all will go well.

Love to all and thanks to everyone who has been so supportive with the new addition.