Well, I’ve been growing my hair longer for the last two years. I’ve been wanting to get my hair long enough to be a mermaid for Halloween. There was a deeper purpose, though—I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love once it had gotten long enough (must be at least 10 inches long).

I spend a lot of time outdoors and the long hair was driving me nuts. Don’t get me wrong— I loved it– I felt sexy with my hair cascading down about me. I like how it gets wavy and a bit unruly. However, in reality— I don’t have a boyfriend to enjoy that hair and keeping the baby-fine strands unruly is REALLY HARD. It tangles and dreads when the wind just whispers.

So, today, I went to get a coffee and saw a sign at supercuts “Locks of Love here.” I went in— the wait was only a few minutes. The woman measured my hair and tada! from tip to ends— 12 inches. WOW.

She asked me several times before making the snip— such pretty hair she said. Yup, do it. Someone else needs it more than me. What surprised me— the haircut was FREE and they send in the hair to Locks of Love. I got this certificate and a cute layered bob….

So, here is a goofy picture as all know how I feel about photos of myself… I always look like a dork. However, here’s the shorter hair…



Seriously? (How many years have I had this expression? Mom would probably say since I was four. At least, that’s the earliest pic I have of me with hands on hips, looking upward, with this expression. Ah, I love how some things don’t change as we grow older!

I like this one, the golden colour.

Love, JIG