May’s Open Paddle at the Cosumnes River Preserve

Western Pond Turtle sunning itself

Paddling up the Cosumnes beyond the tall forest pullout

Slough intro-to-the-Preserve talk

Today’s paddle was very much like others that I have had on the Preserve— not as much wind and the tides didn’t make us struggle as we came back into Middle Slough. Up at crack of dawn Sunday morning, hauling boats, etc. But I had a blast, as I always do and besides. Last month Julie joined me for the paddle and this month was special too—a group of our friends showed up. We all ended up “swimming” in the river over at the tall forest pullout. Perfect for a hot summer day. Thank you Megan, Keith, Christina, and Scott for coming down and hanging out on the water. I had a great time and am really happy that you came along! Love, jig

Megan and Keith

Scott and Christina

Sultry Canoe Kitten Christina

Megan and Keith splashing around in the Cosumnes at the Tall Forest pullout