May 18, 2008

Too tired to do more in the rooms, but it is a work in progress. my bedroom doesn’t exude warmth just yet, but it will get there. Once it is, i will post pics. I was up quite late last night setting the bed back up. Ah, it was heaven to sleep in my bed after so many weeks…

May 17, 2008

Okay, folks… life is good! the bedroom is 99% done. I have a few touchups to do, but the last coat of paint went on the floors this afternoon before I headed out for the bbq. Came home, opened a bottle of wine, and went back to work. As of 12.30 pm, the bed, the yellow dresser, the batik, the beautiful old mirror, and a wicker chair are back in the room. AND I LOVE IT. The bed is made. Siddhartha immediately jumped on the bed, staking his claim to his most beloved possession.

A cute pic of Sam (Karin and Brian’s oldest) and Maddy (Pam and Steve’s oldest) at our BBQ this afternoon. A good time had by all— it was great to see everyone. I held Ben (about 8 months old)— melted my heart with his big, easy smile. He was like a monkey, curled up against my chest. I called him a monkey too—to which Sam said “he’s not a monkey. He’s Ben.” I laughed so hard at Sam’s seriousness. Love that kid. Love all these little kids in my life. Makes our BBQs more fun…

Half of us are meeting up at the CR preserve tomorrow for the open paddle. I’m scheduled as a guide but know I’ll be hanging out more with friends than “guiding.”

A picture of Siddy this afternoon that broke my heart. So sweet and patient but clear: may I please have my bed back?

May 16, 2008

Hi. It’s 3.30 am and I heard not one but TWO loud bumps in the night, and now, like a little kid, I can’t seem to sleep. The bumps didn’t warrant a 911 call, but they rattled me, so might as well blog until I get good and sleepy again. Pea is awake with me. Siddhartha is crashed out snoring. I don’t think he even woke up even though the noises were loud.  Good thing he’s cute  because he sure isn’t a good watch dog. Sometimes having the most Zen dog is not always the most comforting, folks.

I’m not sure what happened really, but today was a full day. Not only did I put out several archaeological and paleontological (no, really) fires, I also managed to get all the trim up in the media room, fill in the gaps with caulking, and  scrap/sand the painted wood floor (some of it by hand, wow do my forearms and biceps ache). So, the kicker. I put on the first coat of paint on the floor at 10.30 pm and the second coat at 1 am.

Now, the end is in sight— Wow. The thought of my big soft bed with the feather mattress and down pillow— heaven.

the rest of the house needs such a major scrubbing, it isn’t funny. Monday i’m in Santa Cruz for work, Tuesday night is knitting club, and Wednesday is chick night here at the house (up in the studio actually). And so, between now and then, i need to organize EVERYTHING (i’m in a major de-cluttering mood and i’m being brutal about it…for once) IN THE HOUSE and UP in the art studio. The studio is a mess.

Okay. No more bumps in the night. Until then… a sad cute picture of the pets—pathetically bored in the house and tired of the heat— before i turned on the AC last night. I swear Sweetpea is becoming more and more dramatic in her old age.

Sleep well. Dream better. JIGs 

May 14, 2008

I said I’d be updating this blog when I posted it at the beginning of the month. That was because i had high hopes to show off my craftiness. Ugh. Grrr. No such luck, folks.

It’s taken nearly three weeks to paint the media room (trim too— not fun ), the oak glass-doored bookcase, install the picture molding, and paint my bedroom walls. I can’t decide if I like the colour. Is it wheat or is it blah plastic baby-doll flesh colour from the mid-to late 70s? The trim is mostly painted— a few touch up spots. The picture molding is ready to go up on the walls—yet, I procrastinate. Not sure what’s up with me. I’m moving at the pace of a tortoise.

We’ve been on the futon in the media room for a few weeks now. We being the big black beast and pushy cat. She’s been keeping me up for the last few nights. The cat’s just about had it with me and my home improvement projects. The living room is filled with painting/carpentry supplies and my bedroom furniture. Ugh. Why do I insist on doing everything myself?

I know my cat isn’t a child, however, i’m seriously considering using the whole wake up the kid so it sleeps through the night trick. Yeah, she looks cute, but it’s these evening cat naps that give her the energy to crawl all over me at night, licking my forehead, and her favorite spot, my eyelids. Yeah, she’s adorable. No, really, but I can’t wait until I’m back to sleeping in my room— you know, the room that has doors.

Look at the furry beast… paw over face when I called her name… leave me alone, lady…

On the upside: the front yard is looking lovely—but no, i haven’t sown all the seeds—yet.

Okay, one thing at a time Gemini— focus.
I hope to have pics to share soon.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a picture of a fairly regular occurrence in my life. I left Siddhartha outside of the cafe the other night to run in and pick up take out. I came out the door and this is what I found. He’s such a sweet dog—charming these strangers and most especially, the little boy.  I didn’t get the camera out fast enough to capture him cupping siddy’s face in his little hands. That was pretty cute.

















Love, jig

April 30, 2008

Ah, Spring.
It’s been an interesting few weeks weather wise here in Sacramento. Fairly hot for a few days (mid to high 90s), then dramatically cooler the next few days (low to mid 70s). Lots of wind. I’ve been keeping busy, but not as busy as my resident serial killer, Sweetpea.

And with that, here are a few recent pictures. When she isn’t leaving presents, she’s stalking me. Here a kitty, there a kitty. Not sure what her gig is these days but it seems that her mission in life has become physical closeness to me—at all times. While endearing, I find her to be rather pushy. She’s broken three coffee mugs—two of which she purposefully knocked off the arm chair, plowing her way into my lap.

I am thankful that she leaves my yarn alone—most of the time. This is particularly important now that I’m knitting a pair of sleeves on a single set of circulars, made a bit more complicated by the fact that I’m double stranding the sleeves. All told— four balls of yarn she could hopelessly tangle, but for unknown reasons, she chooses to leave them alone. Impressive…and perhaps worth two of the three broken mugs. Maybe.

Ah, such artistry. I wonder if she actively works to display her kills with such a flurry of theathers and random organs? Photographed as found one afternoon, home from work, tired. Of course, I walked back and forth between the media room and the kitchen half a dozen times, Siddhartha on my heels whimpering until I noticed the sparrow dead on the floor. Once  I’d removed  the mess, Siddhartha hopped up on the futon and took a nap, his distress alleviated.

Eyeing my lap from the futon.

Circling the wagon, so to speak.

All is forgiven, of course when she makes her little “meh” purring noise and settles down. Last night she curled up behind my head and was purring sweetly in my ear. Cute, eh? Yeah, right up to the point she began kneading my head. I burrowed farther down in the covers to escape her. I really need to put a door on my bedroom….

And for sheer pleasure, a funny quote from my favorite peace activist:

After the day I’ve had, I’d punch Gandhi if he came up to me and said hello.

NICE. I laugh every time I think of it. This quote of yours reminds me that we are perfectly imperfect. We all have frustrations caused by circumstance and THAT is OK. Vent, feel it, and move on— a true inspiration. And for that, you’re allowed a few wacky comments during a rant, such as the one above.