A new year, a new sweater. This one is not of my own design, but rather one of Ann Budd’s designs, the Cambridge Jacket published in the book The Best of INTERWEAVE knits— our favorite designs from the first ten years (2007). I’ve included the pic from the book.

I’m making this one for my friend Matty using combining two alpaca yarns both of sport weight— a deep natural charcoal and a warm leaf green stranded together. The colours compliment each other nicely and its so incredibly soft. Perfect for foggy San Francisco days. I’ve only begun the back and it’s approximately 1/2 done. I’ll keep you updated as it goes along.

February 14, 2008
Back done. Front left 1/3  done…onward and outward…

April 21, 2008

The front pieces are complete. And now, for the coolest knitting trick i’ve employed—

what is this, you ask? Knitting both sleeves simultaneously on a single circular needle. So long as the individual skeins stay separated, all is well. No real problems yet. However, this may forever solve my irritation with being forced to do anything twice. I’m not a fan of repetition and now, how awesome is this? The one part of sweater knitting I dislike the most— knit one, knit another. yucky no more. I saw this technique on Martha Stewart late winter and thought— hmmm, maybe. Now, i’m hooked. Try it. You might like it…



Are you still knitting? is that why the light is on still at 1 am? Give it up, lady. Time for bed.