Game’s on!
i’ve waited a very LONG 122 days to say those words… and here I am…

It is 3.30 am on the West Coast and I am awake. The Red Sox are in Japan playing Oakland A’s — game 2. Yesterday’s game was season opener and I sadly couldn’t stay awake long enough to listen to it. This was probably for the best since I had to drive five hours down to Nacimiento project yesterday afternoon.

However, with some encouragement from fellow blogger Rob, I am AWAKE, coffee is brewed, and I’m watching the Sox on ESPN2. Ah, hotel luxuries. I typically listen to them on WRKO, so this morning is a real treat to see them.

It’s the little things— Papi’s concentrated stare at the plate; Youk’s goofy stance in the batter’s box. Manny’s crooked grin. Varitek’s focus behind home plate.

Rob’s already begun his 2008 recap blog, and I gotta tell ya, yesterday’s post is hysterical. He’s a bit sleep deprived, but his recap of the commercials ALONE are worth a read— click here.

Random notes:

Hmmm. Harden’s looking good tonight. A bit crisp in that outfit— he looks a bit awkward. Like a gymnist. Disturbing. Long legged tidy whities. Yikes. Okay. Back to baseball….

2nd inning: Awe. Brandon Moss seems a bit apprehensive coming up to bat, even after yesterday morning’s game (9th inning, tied up the game). Veritek’s patience behind the plate with Lester getting full count on the mound. Come on, Lester, settle down… A’s 1-0. grrrr. damnit.          Settle down, kid. It’s early yet.    

3rd inning:         
Coco you’re a sight for sore eyes, strikeout or not! Well, all I can say about our at bat— the A’s brought their game tonight. Come on, guys… focus.  Nice triple, Ellis. He’s a powerhitter for sure… and a patient batter— bloody hell. Brown homerun. 4-zip A’s.  Damnit.

I recall now why I listen to games. I have a strong aversion to TV ANNOUNCERS. Fox, ESPN, it doesn’t matter. Quit the chitchat and call the game— do you realize that Lester is pitching right now? Grrr. Gameday Audio isn’t working for some reason, so alas, no WKRO.  Unfortunate, truly.

4th inning: coming into this at bat, we’ve standed 3 so far this game. Hmmm. I’m sometimes amazed we can still win given the numbers we leave on base, ya know? This element wratches up the stress of RS Nation adding a bit o’spice— right?

Okay. I’m going to curl up and watch the game and will add random thoughts later—warm blanket. soft pillows and the Sox are coming up to bat….