Well, Merry Christmas everyone!

At the tree-trimming party, the glass pickle ornament was hidden among the branches. Christina did and understood its purpose. As it was Christina, I purchased Burt Bee’s “Classic Charm” quartet tins of balms and salves as her special “pickle present.” I’d planned to drop this off at her house earlier in the week, but decided to make her a little felted pouch for Christmas and stuff the “pickle present” into it.

The pouch is of my own design (err, not that it needed much designing) using Paton’s grey, red, and orange wool yarn. Finished measurements are 6″ long x 4″ high. The most impressive part to this, though folks, is the ZIPPER I sewed into the top of the pouch. My first zipper EVER. Wow, I feel like a ROCK STAR. With the zipper stitched in place, I sewed in a little Wovensunshine tag. The turtle represents the morale “the tortoise, not the hare won the race.” I’ve taken that moral to heart these last few years as I continue to downshift and search within for patience.

Ah, it’s the little things, really. As I began knitting the little pouch, Mom showed interest in learning how to knit fair isle. I gave her a lesson and she’s sitting here now working on her own little bag. She picked up the designing aspect of this and has a very pleasant black/red/burnt yellow/lime green pouch on the sticks. I’ll post pictures of that when it has been felted.

And now, two pictures of Siddhartha and Julie the morning after the Wildlands 2007 tree trimming. Is there anything this dog will not let her do to him? I mean seriously.