George Mitchell’s report and steroid usage by Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, etc. is all over the morning news. I just saw a snippet that broke my heart.

Four little kids standing around and one of them says, starring at a newspaper in his hands, “I thought Roger Clemens was about the ‘work ethic’ (his little voice softens) I guess it was about steroids.”

For those of you who played the game and took the steroids— I hope you’re banned from baseball FOREVER. I hope Selig comes after each and every one of you. I have to laugh a bit ruefully—Selig says he’ll deal with each player on a ‘case by case basis.’ huh. Let’s see how THAT shakes out. I’m not being spiteful but I am angry. I’m more angry now after seeing that little kid— the next generation disappointed and confused. It cheapens the game. It cheapens anything you’ve ever contributed to the game. It cheapens the game I LOVE. It calls all those great pitches, catches, hits, and steals into question.

Clemens’ lawyer claims the report is slander. Yeah, well, I hope so. But I know in my little kid heart of hearts, it isn’t. I guess some would say they’ve always suspected and sure, I guess I did too. But not really. Not Clemens. Sure, we all make fun of him for his flip flop ways, but he was a hell of a pitcher.

Selig— go after those listed and show us all that you’ll return baseball to the game we’ve loved and cherished— and while you’re at it PLEASE strip Bonds et al. of their records. Who’s next on that list?

This is really sad. Perhaps it is because I haven’t gone to bed yet and I’m tired after pulling an all-nighter for work. Or perhaps it’s because the strike nearly turned me away from the game and now, sitting here, I’m holding my breath— hoping and praying none of my beloved players show up on that list. I haven’t heard the full roster of names, but I have to have faith.

Merry Christmas. What a bummer.


Postscript December 15, 2007

I am beyond relieved to read that no members of the 2004 or 2007 WS Red Sox were listed in the Mitchell report. This is important because I’d rather not have the two WS wins called into question by our friends over in NY. Sadly, many other teams’ players that I have admired were listed. Past Red Sox were listed including Mo Vaughn. I first typed “most notably” and then hit the back space. They are all notable IF indeed they did take steroids to enhance their performance or recover from an injury.  The shame they have brought upon baseball, themselves, and their families will not be erased even if the allegations are unfounded. That’s the unfortunate bit. But IF they are true— ugh. While I am not taking the Mitchell report as gospel, the breaking news has stirred a lot of emotion in me. I’ll stop reacting emotionally here soon and read more about what the accused players are saying. It’s been a hard day for baseball, the players, and of course, the fans. I’m going to bed now and tomorrow may the sun shine a bit kinder on us all, especially those of us in Red Sox Nation. Just over 100 days…