This is the second Aran pullover I’ve designed and completed in 2007. The first was for my uncle. Uncle Andy’s aran pullover.

[track down to see the progress]

May 29, 2007

Over the long holiday weekend, I decided to design another Aran and get it on the sticks. This one has the crossed stitch RCL/LCL circles (that I seem to include on nearly everything I design), the Tree of Life stitch pattern (repeating V column—which I tend to use a lot), a simple rope cable, and a more complicated celtic pattern down the middle.

I’ve already messed up once on the simple rope cable and so, I can relax now. I’m posting two pictures here— the top one shows the design better and a second that shows the true colour of the yarn. I’ve chosen Bartlett’s dark sheep’s gray wool for this one. I love working with this yarn–the texture and the colours that exudes warmth. This yarn is a heathered mixture of brown and grey tones. Overall, stunning colour.

If you haven’t knit with Bartlett yarn, I strongly encourage it. While I tend to knit scarves and skull caps using alpaca, I prefer this yarn for pullovers. It knits up so beautifully and while slightly scratchy, the sweaters should be quite warm and wick water well. Love this yarn…

I’ll post more as it comes together. Check back for updates….

June 10, 2007
I sat this down when I couldn’t decide to whom I’d give this pullover— I know now and so, I’ve picked it back up. Got a lot of progress done on it Saturday night (international knit in public day—no knitters to be found, so i kicked back at the local cafe, had dinner, and knitted. That part was great) and late yesterday. These two pics represent the “true” colour of the yarn—which depending upon the light it appears close to charcoal or warm brown. Hmmm. I like it quite a bit.

June 13, 2007
No photo—too frustrated. I realized tonight while yapping on the phone with Carrie, I didn’t follow my own directions. I’ve found when it comes to knitting—follow the instructions and tweak here and there, but mostly follow the instructions. As this is my own design, I was 22 rows into the armpit forming on the back when I realized, looking down at my scribbles, I hadn’t made the initial decrease of 4 sts, both sides. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh well.  I ripped it out and have re-knitted four rows. On I go…

July 3, 2007

Well, I finished the back approximately a week ago. If you look carefully you will see two major but interesting mistakes in the main cable running up the back. Oh well, I don’t actually think anyone will notice. A bit of blocking and it will be good to go…I began the sleeve immediately after I finished the back. My primary goal in selecting the designs for the sleeve was two-fold. I wanted the design to mesh with the overall front/back design and I didn’t want them to be too bulky. One of my personal complaints about Aran sweaters is that their sleeves make me feel like the Incredible Hulk. Bulky to the extreme.

To solve this, I decided to shorten to rows on the TOL design, use the RCL/LCL cross stitch, and incorporate a four stitch cable to flank the other two patterns. I did not incorporate the chain pattern or the main cable into the sleeves. I am hoping this will keep the eye on the front’s main design while making the sleeves less bulky. Of course, I began and frogged the sleeve well over half a dozen times before I got the look and proportions I wanted… ah, this is where I curse my need to design instead of just read a pattern! Nine inches complete as of this morning. So far, so good.

September 1, 2007






Both sleeves are now complete. I’ve cast on the front and have approximately 4″ done. My notes were a bit cryptic and it took me a while to figure out my own design notes.  Since so many have gently pushed me, I have decided to compile this pattern and make it available out on Taking the time to convert my notes into a readable pattern has slowed the actual knitting portion of this project. Challenging, but fun. Hopefully, I’ll have this pullover done within the next two weeks. I’m really ready to move onto another project… I have so much yarn and yet, sadly, so little time between now and the Holidays….

September 29, 2007

Well, it is nearly done! I’ve got it all sewn together and have the neck on the smaller sticks… will finish it up later next week or so. I’m not completely happy with how i’ve begun finishing the neck (especially in the front) and so, i may rip it out and re-pick up the front stitches. We’ll see. That’s why I’ve put it down for a few days… I’ll post a final with me wearing it when it’s “done” done. Again, the time of day and the light really plays with the colours of this sweater. In this view it appears to be quite light in colour— while the other pics (posted above) reflect the true colour of it much better…. Love to all.


November 24, 2007
And now it is done! I finished the sweater’s neckline late on the 21st (just in time for Einah’s birthday on the 22nd) and stitched a wovensunshine label into it. I wrapped it up in a mesh bag along with a dozen or so little cedar balls. Einah loved it.