Today, yes.

 Here is a pic of the picture railing I’m installing in the livingroom’s perimeter at top of the windows/doors. The trim has been leaning against the wall in either the living room or my bedroom for months now and today seemed like a good day to figure out how to install molding. All those funny cuts. Thankfully, I have a great mitre hand saw thingie. The pieces are all “dry fitted” and it occured to me tonight— I think I need a finishing nailer. Certainly would make my life easier. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll go pick one of those up at HD tomorrow.

I got the first two (super light) coats on the trim and then got a few pieces up… including a corner connection. So far, so good. Once the trim is up, I’ll finish painting. It looks a lot better in person, I think. The ceiling is a very light creamy colour with a hint of green. The trim is an off-white (though it certainly looks crisp white here). I decided last weekend to make fabric shades (like the vinyl pull down shades) and got some great fabric to make ones for the fireplace windows and the front door…. more on that later.

For fun, a picture of Siddhartha and Pea on Friday afternoon. I came home from an errand and found them all curled up. I can’t tell if Pea is thinking “hi, you’re home. He’s a great pillow” or “Hi. I wasn’t torturing the dog”

Either way, I love that my pets hang out together…When the cat gets too close or bathes him just a moment too long, he hops down and locates another place to hang out. Usually my bed or the art studio. I wish the battery wasn’t dead on the camera. We’re up in the studio now and they are laying side by side with their heads turned funny with their paws over their eyes. I kid you not.

Okay… Red Sox are on— bottom of the second. Sox up 1. Rockies at bat—- 2 outs. 3-1. More later.

November 3, 2007

Okay, so I bought a finishing nailer along with an air compressor and a finishing brad stapler. Sound impressed? Sure. I got it out of the box, “primed” the air compressor and then couldn’t figure out where the hose attached to the air compressor. I read the directions and everything. Never saw on the diagram where the hose goes. I pulled a ring at the end of one of the nozzles and it made a huge noise, I freaked out and opened the drain valve. Is there a gene I’m missing here? I don’t mean to be sexist, but I feel so far out of my realm right now. I screetched (yes, like a girl) when the compressor made the loud noise. Sigh.

I’ve left a message for my uncle Andy— hoping he’ll come to the rescue and tell me how to hook it up….



November 4, 2007

 Ah, the tolerance of a dog. The trim pieces (plus the two pieces along the west wall in livingroom) are now nailed in place—using the air compressor/finish brad stapler. My uncle Andy (a true saint) called me today and walked me through it.

It was a tad scary, but I did figure it out. Two more corner joints to cut and we’ll be in business. Siddhartha staring at the air compressor— his toy inadvertantly laying amongst the cords and hose. It wasn’t on at the time— turns out, once it has built up to pressure, it turns itself off and only cranks up again when it needs to re-build the pressure. This can be mildly nerve-wracking when you’re up on a ladder. Yet, no harm, no foul. Onward.