For three days, I’ve been attempting to write a blog about the World Series games. Tonight, I fell into the game and left the blog unfinished. Now, I can only point back to the blogs I’ve written this season. Thank you Red Sox for providing another season of baseball games played with heart.

Tonight, I was jumping up and down, cheering Papelbon’s last strikeout and almost immediately, Fox interviewed Varitek. He was emotional and I had it together until that moment and then I started to cry too. GOD BLESS THE BOSTON RED SOX!!!

Thank you for being a group of guys who play together, for each other, for your fans— with HEART.  Back in June, I didn’t know if you’d get to the playoffs, no less sweep the World Series. I sit, a few hours later, filled with awe.


Postscript October 29, 2007
Thank you to my friends for kindly putting up with my quick exits, distracted conversations, and insistent nature this post-season. I know I tend to fall away in Red Sox Nation during baseball season. I appreciate that most of you understand my love of the Red Sox and baseball, in general, and leave me be when you know there’s a game on. Also, just as important, you know to come to back gate at Wildlands, knock and drop down into a game with me— is there anything more wonderous and wonderful than game day audio, knitting, espresso, and the Boston Red Sox? I think not. Gee, spring training seems a really really long time from now… ah, the off season. Right…. the holidays here we come!