October 20, 2007

I was starting to feel a wee bit bad about my comments between between Game 4 and Game 5. However, I stand behind what I’ve said— if the Sox didn’t want the win, then the Tribe should be the team to proceed to the WS. 

Thursday night, I watched as my beloved team show up, put in the work, and get the win. Beckett on the mound, some would say it was a sure-win. After Game 4, I didn’t dare say that. Beckett’s an amazing pitcher, no doubt, but if the hitters didn’t or couldn’t support him, that fact wouldn’t change. Needless to say, the Sox hitters showed up and it was a great game.

The anxiety that I’d felt before Game 1 returned Saturday morning— giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve. All day today, I was excited for game time…the beautiful CA blue sky day seemed to drag on forever.

I have great affiniity for Curt Schilling (see the post Red Sox under June skies) but he’s made me nervous all summer. When I saw him pitch against Oakland in June, I sat in the seats feeling hopeful but aware that the game could go either way— based on his pitching. And he pulled off a near no-no.  Game 2 added to my uneasiness, but I was hoped that for Game 6, he’d be the man I saw pitch in June. And he was. Thank you, Curt!

In the second, JD Drew came up with bases loaded, Ortiz and Manny out. The Fox announcers had to remind me of Drew’s post-season contribution void and I did my ritual, closed my eyes and sighed. THEN HE HIT THE GRANDSLAM!!!

Tonight’s game was all about the bottom of the order— the bats that had been outshown by Ortiz and Manny showed up and responded with a mighty roar. Lowell continued to be the consistent RBI man. Thank you, Lowell. Sox, if you don’t re-sign that man, you’re NUTS and I’m going to be CRANKY.

When the Sox are productive, I find I’m more productive too— probably because i’m not wringing my hands and swearing at ceiling. I got nearly 20 rows done on the fair isle bag (to be felted) for my mom’s birthday. Awesome.


LET’S GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!