11:15 pm
Game over

Uh… perhaps I shouldn’t have been quite so enthusiastic. Sox lost in a slamming Tribe 11th inning. Trot Nixon– you are missed. It was an exciting game and honestly, everything I wanted it to be. Now, the series is tied 1:1 with the next game Monday at 4pm (PST). The bullpen was hit hard tonight— I think we may have used it up. Can’t wait for Monday— game on, Tribe, game on… thanks for showing up tonight…you reminded us exactly why you’re here and not the Yanks…

I loved the pre-game shot of Lofton coming up behind Manny. Nice to see that sort of affection between two old teammates. I’m so glad Lofton is back with the Tribe—where he should be. Now, if only Omar would come back home… And before it seems my loyalties are leaning towards the Tribe, don’t be fooled. Red Sox first, Red Sox always— however, I went to college in Ohio and well, there are many many memories of fall nights watching the Tribe. One in particular— 14 years ago? Watching post-season play in an old farmhouse in southern Ohio with a group of archaeologists—sore muscles from screening, smell of a roaring fire, lots of wine, cold fall nights, and baseball…  

7.57 pm 10/13/07
Top of the 6th…

This is October baseball! Great game. Game tied. This is FUN— lots of action.

When Manny was walked with bases loaded, I thought… am I watching a replay of last night’s game? Just incredible. Incredibly boring. No fun… and then, it got interesting. The Tribe showed up and brought their bats. Excellent. Game ON.

October 13, 2007

Ok, hmmm, well that was… interesting? I’ve had butterflies in my stomach the last few days, so excited for last night’s opener between the Sox and Indians. It was getting on game time, I took the dog for a walk in the rain, got a few game time essentials (popcorn, coffee, milk, bottle of wine), got home, curled up in the media room’s big comfy chair and… well, uhhh, aside from the first inning HR by Sizemore (she swoons) where was Tribe??? Walking Manny not once but twice with the bases loaded had to be one of the more bizarre senses of dejavu I’ve ever had.

 I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I calmly sipped coffee, then mulled wine, watching the game (a real treat since I don’t have cable and haven’t seen more than a handful of games, relying on mlb.com’s game day audio, which, yes, I do prefer)….and not even once did my heart leap to my throat and my stomach turn upside down. Hmmm. Call me one of Pavlaw’s dogs, but err, it’s RedSox play and i’ve come to associate a cause (post season Red Sox play) with an effect (butteflies; handwringing; occasional yelps, etc).  Hmmm. None of that was present last night, though the fourth and fifth innings were… err, fun to watch. Fun in that geez, shouldn’t the big kids go pick on someone their own size cuz watching them pound this team is a bit sad…

 I hope for a more competitive game tonight. Come on Lofton, Sizemore, Haftner. COME ON!! The series this past summer was awesome— lots of butterflies and great moments! I would like to see that… because this is the series to have the butterflies. If Colorado keeps slammin’ on through, and the Sox move forward to the WS, I’m nervous we’re are gonna get a serious pounding by the Rockies. This summer I wrote a blog during the Sox-CR series….and I’ve felt the hush of the Rockies ever since. And yet, I BELIEVE.  

But—that’s next week. This is now— LET’S GO RED SOX and for the luv of gawd, TRIBE, PLEASE BE PRESENT, ACCOUNTED FOR, AND READY TO PLAY BALL TONIGHT— pleeeeese? this is post season and i’ve waiting for this series since July!!


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 The Sox ended the season with the best record in baseball, clinched the eastern division, and now, we’re onto the Angels next week.

Given the rising anomosity towards the Sox, I’m not surprised the news media has barely made mention of it. One of my good friends, an Indians’ fan, hasn’t spoken to me in over six weeks because his hatred of the Sox was on the rise and I took a bit of offense to that.

Ah, the push towards post-season. I thank the Sox for a great season of baseball.

Post-season is here. I have every intention of working less, becoming even more evasive, less reachable, and pre-occupied with all things Red Sox…. as it should be. I look to the first series and will keep an eye on the Indians…

There’s nothing quite as magical as baseball in October—

Let’s go Red Sox!