Thoughts on luck. I kicked back the other night and was watching 20/20 (yeah, i know). However, they did a bit on luck. What is luck? What does it mean to be “lucky?” How is it that some people are “lucky” or “unlucky?” To spare you, I’ll cut to the chase. Lucky people are those who seize opportunities and are prepared when opportunities arise. Hmmm. Good point. They tend to be optimistic, don’t give up, and are open to their surroundings and the people that may cross their paths. What are “good luck charms?” I had an anthropological answer to this but decided to give the show a shot and hear their definition. Turns out, lucky charms are those that provide the owner with a sense of confidence or comfort. Ha! Perfect. I immediately thought back to the ebb and flow from a few days ago chatter on my personal possessions. Nice fit.

I found the program to be spot-on— lucky is as lucky lives. Right place, right time, are you prepared? You ready for the world to open up and kick down an opportunity? do you keep your head down or do you leave yourself open to those that might cross your path? I can say, while lots of things have occurred in my life that would make some disbelieve the next statement, I am lucky. Folks tell me all the time. I also hear myself saying a lot “oh, i was lucky to…” No. It isn’t some cosmic happenstance that I have what I have. It isn’t just hardwork—it’s the working hard towards a goal, a purpose, keeping myself open to opportunities that cross my path.

Wildlands is a great example of my luck. I won’t rehash that story, but the cosmos, if you choose to believe (as I do) collided and I got the house. It was me not giving up and settling on a crappy remodel, having prepared myself (my finances were in order), and the desire to live in this neighborhood—came for lunch, went for a walk, and tada, the rest is history.

Sure, events occur in our lives and we sit back on our heels and say…WTF. It is in those moments, as my uncle Andy said tonight on the phone… an optimist sees an opportunity in a problem while a pessimist sees a problem in every opportunity. Here here. Long live hope.